The Column List

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Column List (clist) Parameter

The clist specifies which columns will be included in each returned record and how they are ordered in the returned record aggregate.

XML Example:


URL Example:


...where each number is the fid of the field (column) you want returned, with a period separating the fids. The columns will be listed in the returned record in the same order as they appear in the clist. If you don’t specify a clist, Quickbase returns your table’s default columns and order.

If no column list parameter is supplied, the default report layout and field order is used.

To change the default field order, select your table in the main application menu bar, then click Customize->YourTableName Table->Forms->Edit to the layout of the form. Select the field you want to move (or remove!) in the list, and click the Up, Down, or Remove button.

How to Return ALL of the columns

Specify the value a in the clist param to specify that all columns should be returned.