About the ODBC channel

As a developer, you can use the ODBC channel to connect to databases.

At this time, these databases are supported:

The ODBC channel and MSSQL

Connectivity to other databases, while possible, are not supported by the Quickbase CARE and Services team at this time.

Note: In the ODBC channel we have two options for pagination - ‘Count / Offset’ and ‘Cursor’. The ‘Count / Offset’ type executes the query with ‘COUNT’ and ‘OFFSET’ values to return paginated results. In some cases depending on your ODBC driver this may lead to duplicated results. If this is the case you can try adding an order clause to your query:


If you still get duplicated results try using the ‘Cursor’ type of pagination. This type uses the native database cursor which selects the result set of your query and simply returns the next ‘X’ number of results for every next page. If your database is not officially supported and does not support native cursors this may lead to performance issues with your Agent Client due to loading all results into memory.