Billing definitions


Channels are the built-in applications and third-party services (connectors, apps, systems) that Pipelines provides integration to.

Channels can be enabled from the Admin Console. The total number of channels that can be turned on for use are determined by a customer’s specific subscription plan. The Quick Base channel, as well the built-in generic channels, are not counted against the total number of channels and are available for all.

An unlimited number of accounts can be connected to the same channel. This does not change the number of channels connected.

Additional channels can be purchased at any time. Please contact your account manager for pricing on different packages.

Step Runs

A step run is defined as an automated action within a designed pipeline that has been run, including all API calls. The execution of each step in the pipeline counts as a step run. If there are iterations over a number of records, all actions (i.e., a step run), are multiplied by the number of records found. If a pipeline does not complete because of the logical conditions set or it fails mid-way, the subsequent steps are not run and therefore not counted toward the step runs limit.

Step run limits are determined by a customer’s specific subscription plan. Step runs are counted across all pipelines runs within that particular realm. Some specifics regarding step runs are:

  • Each step in a loop iteration is a different step run
  • Conditions and stop runs are not considered a step run

Step runs are counted as follows:

Step type



Step run is incremented by 1


Step run is incremented by 1
Search/Create/Update/Lookup etc Step run is incremented by 1 for each of these actions
Actions in a loop Step run is incremented by 1 for every action in the loop
Bulk operations

Step run is incremented by 1


Usage notification emails will be sent by Quick Base when a specific percentage of the overall number of step runs purchased have been used. Notifications are sent when usage is at 50%, 75%, 90%, 95%, and 100%. A final email will be sent to all users who have Pipelines access in the realm and the realm admin notifying them that all running pipelines have been shut down, and that workflow automations are not being executed and will not resume until more step runs are purchased or the limit is reset at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

If the step runs limit is reached in the middle of a pipeline run, the pipeline will still be completed unless it has a loop, in which case it will be stopped.