About the Callable pipelines channel

The built-in Callable pipelines channel allows you to call and trigger other pipelines you have created, into action.

How it works

You set up one pipeline to be called by another. For example:

For example, we set up a triggering pipeline with a Call Definition of LeadArchive(top, skip, max, archive):

Then, we set up a callable pipeline with the same exact same Call Definition:

When they run, each pipeline is able to call and be called.



The steps you can use with the Callable pipelines channel fall into one category: Pipelines

Type Name Description
Trigger Pipeline Called Triggers when the pipeline is called by another pipeline.
Action Call Another Pipeline

Calls another pipeline you have created using a Call Definition.

Step call definition use this format call_name(arg1[, arg2, arg3...])

For example: myFunction(contact_id, created_at)

Allowed symbols are latin alphanumeric characters and underscore.

Call and argument names should start with a letter. The definition should be identical between caller and called. In other words you should copy and paste the definition between the Call Another Pipeline and Pipeline Called steps.

For example, in the call definition you can select any value you'd like, such as: CallPipeline2, Start Pipeline 2, or QuickBase is Awesome Then you can define variables using the values in parentheses, for example: CallPipeline2(Number1, Number 2). These variables can be used like field values in the subsequent steps of the pipeline.