Pipeline limits

System and Product Limits

Description Limit
Number of Webhook invokes from Quick Base

How many Webhook pipelines can trigger a second for a given table.

20 Webhooks per second, per application

Number of design time Pipelines Webhooks in Quick Base

The number of Webhooks you can create on a given table

20 Webhooks per table
Payload Limit 4 megabytes
Record size

The size of one record in a table.

1 Megabyte
Number of runtime pipelines instances for a given pipeline

The number of instances of a triggered pipeline that will run in parallel, the rest are queued.

30 pipeline instances
Maximum number of API calls from Pipelines to Quick Base 10 calls per second
Number of channels and step runs per account Based on plan purchased. See your realm admin.
Maximum time per pipeline execution 30 min
Step limit

The number of steps in a pipeline.

26 steps

Maximum number of selected objects

10,000 objects

Maximum schema size

Affects any channel that has a dynamic schema.

1 Megabyte