Pipeline limits

System and Product Limits

Description Limit
Number of Webhook invokes from Quickbase

How many Webhook pipelines can trigger a second for a given table.

20 Webhooks per second, per application

Number of design time Pipelines Webhooks in Quickbase

The number of unique triggers using the Quickbase channel that you can create on a given table.

90 unique Quickbase triggers per table. This limit is per table, not per user per table.

Additionally, you could also have up to 10 Quickbase Webhooks per table. For more information see Quickbase Limits.

Number of Pipeline editing sessions Pipelines does not support multiple-session Pipeline editing.
Maximum Payload from a Quick Base webhook 4 megabytes after compression
Record size

The size of one record in a table.

1 Megabyte
File Attachment size limits Pipelines has a limit of 32 MB for handling files. However, some specific Channels may only be able to handle less. Please check the Limits section of that specific Channel's Help page for more details.
Number of runtime pipelines instances for a given pipeline

The number of instances of a triggered pipeline that will run in parallel, the rest are queued.

30 pipeline instances
Number of Quick Base Channel API calls to Quick Base 10 calls per table per second and 15 calls per application per second (across all concurrent pipelines)
Number of channels and step runs per account Based on plan purchased. See your realm admin.
Numbers saved into Quickbase numeric field through Pipelines When filling Numeric fields in Quickbase tables through Pipelines, numbers with 13 or more digits are rounded. For example, the number 1234567890123 is rounded to 1234567890120.
Maximum time per pipeline execution 30 min
Step limit

The number of steps in a pipeline.

26 steps
Maximum schema size

Affects any channel that has a dynamic schema.

1 Megabyte
Uploading a file to SharePoint The limit is 4 Megabytes.

Changes to field name

Affects any channel that has a user-customizable schema.

The automatic propagation of field name changes is not supported. If you change the names or types of fields that are referenced in your pipelines, this is likely to cause your pipelines to fail. To avoid this you need to visit all pipelines that refer the given field and click the Refresh schemas button in the Pipeline designer to fetch up to date schema from the remote system and manually update any Jinja expressions in the pipeline that reference changed fields.

User Tokens

Affects any channel that uses a user token.

Use only ASCII characters in user tokens. If you use double-byte characters, such as Chinese, an error will occur.