About the ShipStation channel

ShipStation is a web-based, multi-carrier shipping solution for ecommerce retailers with integrations that allow you to synchronize with sales channels, shopping carts, payment gateways, and mail carriers.

Please note that terms used in the ShipStation channel categories are ShipStation specific terminology.

How to connect

  1. On the My pipelines page, click Create pipelines. Enter name, description, and tag fields and click the Create Pipelines button. The pipelines wizard displays:

  2. From the wizard you choose the connections for the first steps of your pipeline. When you choose a type, you'll add the channels and steps for your first steps. You can always add more steps later. A Triggered pipeline is started by a specific event in real-time. A Scheduled pipeline will start according to a schedule. A Manual pipeline only starts manually. Once you've completed the wizard, you'll be prompted for connection detail, if necessary. If you are an experienced builder, click the Start from scratch button and then from the right side of the page, choose the All to list all available channels.
  3. Expand ShipStation in the list of channels on the right side of the page and click Connect to ShipStation.
  4. In the pop-up window, enter both your API Key and API Secret. When the keys are entered, click Connect to ShipStation. If you do not know these items do the following:
    1. Go to ShipStation.com, click Login and enter your credentials.
    2. Once signed in, go to your profile and select API Settings.

How to reconnect the ShipStation channel

You may need to reconnect your account to a channel. Reasons may be (but not limited to):

  • If you need to connect a different account.

  • Authorization updates, such as a changed password.

  • Editing the access rights that Pipelines has to the channel.

To reconnect:

  1. Select a pipeline that already has ShipStation in it.
  2. Open a step containing ShipStation.
  3. Under account, select Connect (or reconnect) and follow the process above, How to connect.


The steps you can use with ShipStation are grouped into five categories:

  • Products
  • Carriers
  • Orders
  • Rates
  • Shipments
Type Name Description
Query Search Products Searches products in account based on specific criteria and returns a list.
Action Look Up Product Looks up a specific product.
Query Search Carriers Searches carriers in account and returns a list.
Action Look Up Carrier Looks up specific carriers and returns a single record.
Query Search Orders Searches orders in account based on specific criteria.
Action Look Up Order Looks up a specific order.
Query Search Rates Searches account for rates based on specific criteria.
Query Search Shipments Searches shipments made from account.