April 2019 Release Notes

Our April release continues to deliver on our core themes of trust, power, and simplicity.

This month, we’re releasing:

  • Visual Builder enhancements
  • Report formulas in charts
  • Admin Console enhancements

The April release of Quick Base, including the features and fixes listed above, is available starting Sunday, April 28, 2019.


Visual Builder enhancements

Last month, we introduced Quick Base Visual Builder, a whole new way to create and update apps. You can create tables, add fields, and connect relationships, all by simply dragging and dropping items onto the page.

With this release, we have updated Visual Builder to fully support multiple choice and multi-select text fields. You can now add or edit all the properties for these fields from within Visual Builder.

All app builders can try Visual Builder by selecting Create New App from the My Apps page, then selecting Try building your new app with the Quick Base Visual Builder. From there, you can drag and drop tables and fields to create your new app. You can also use Visual Builder to edit existing apps by selecting App Management, then choosing Show Quick Base Visual Builder.

Note: Changes are applied immediately, so you should test Visual Builder using a safe app.

Additionally, you can now create table names and field names using the following symbols: single quotes, double quotes, less than sign, greater than sign, and ampersand.

Report formulas in charts

In February, we rolled out additional report formulas that let you include calculations in your reports without adding extra fields, and that also allow users who cannot add new fields to build the reports they need. Similar to using a field, you can now use these same report formulas to control all chart behavior including: coloring bar graphs, creating wedges in pie charts, and even filtering events in a calendar.

Admin Console—password resets and user management

Password resets and security questions

The password reset email now contains a link that automatically expires after fifteen minutes enabling users to reset their passwords more efficiently. The fifteen-minute timeout also allows email security software to run properly, without disrupting the reset process.

Also, if your realm has the feature to use security questions as part of resetting passwords, we’ve added the ability for admins to send reset security questions emails directly to the users from the Users page of the Admin Console.

Provisioning users with username

In the Users page of the new Admin Console, admins now have the option to provision a new user with a username, in addition to the first name, last name, and email address.

Distinct counts option available for more field types

In February, we released a new option for summary reports and summary fields called distinct counts. It provides a count of all the unique values in a field. Previously available only for text fields, the distinct counts option is now available for all field types except for: file attachment, predecessor, iCalendar, vCard, report link, list user, and multi-select text.

Also in this release

  • We corrected the language for hiding the user interface for reports. The label in the User Interface tab for a role now reads Hide UI for creating and customizing reports instead of Hide UI for creating or customizing reports because both links are hidden.
  • We have improved how a lengthy derived field name displays on the dependency diagram.

Coming Soon — Early Access

We are introducing a new login page banner capability that enables Quick Base to add content and customize the login page for customers who do not allow changes to the login and are not using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) authentication.

Sign up for future early access opportunities

We have some exciting early access programs coming up. If you are interested in participating, please provide us with your information. If you are a good fit for any of the programs, we will reach out to you directly.

Sign up for future early access opportunities

What’s fixed in Quick Base?

We continue to focus on quality. Below are the issues we fixed this month.

Note: Platform security, billing changes, back-end tooling, and performance are all ongoing commitments. Each release may include changes in these areas.

Issue ID Description
QBE013428 We fixed an issue with how the new type-ahead search picker works with conflicting dynamic form rules when one of the rules is invalid.

New records that are added to an embedded Kanban report now consistently connect to the related parent record.


We removed an unnecessary character that sometimes appeared at the top of the report builder when customizing a chart.


We fixed an issue with the Admin Console app management page where the column displaying whether data change logs are enabled or disabled did not display consistently.

QBE013461 We fixed an issue with the sizing behavior for the width of the date column that displays in reports and on the table home page.
QBE013463 We made an improvement to reduce the need to reauthorize Google Drive connections for connected tables.
QBE013468 Inline thumbnail images that are horizontal banner images now display correctly.
QBE013471 We fixed an issue on app home pages where the cursor would jump to a web widget if it contained a URL to a Quick Base report.
QBE013473 The type-ahead search picker now consistently hides and shows fields when dynamic form rules are enabled.
QBE013476 When using the Safari web browser and custom data validation, the Save button now responds to clicks on the Table Advanced Settings page.

When accessing Quick Base from a mobile device, we fixed an issue to make all required radio buttons function properly on forms.

QBE013499 For a Quick Base Enterprise plan, the Plan Limits table now includes the number of requests and displays 'as read only' on the Choose a Plan page.
QBE013500 For a Quick Base Enterprise plan, we have improved the display for the Plans and Packs sections of the View Billing History page.

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