August 2018 Release Notes

This month, we’re continuing to deliver on our core initiatives within Trust, Simplicity, and Power. We’ve made numerous enhancements to our popular features, such as: Kanban reports: Dynamic filtering and sorting by user fields Quick Base Automations: Copy an automation and enhanced usability Admin Console: Deactivate user tokens and create new users FEATURES Kanban reports: Dynamic filtering, sorting by user fields, and more Dynamic filtering and searching We’ve added dynamic filtering to make our drag-and-drop reports easier to search. You can now set up Kanban reports, like other reports, with a left-hand list of filters to show only relevant cards. In a project manager app, if you want to see the status of projects assigned to a certain project manager, you could filter on those values. Kanban dynamic filter gif Kanban columns by user field Our versatile Kanban reports can now accommodate even more use cases. In addition to creating reports based on a multiple-choice field, you can now group your cards by a user field. Project managers can easily view and assign tasks to members of their team. Manual ordering made easier If you have builder permissions within an app, you can now initiate manual ordering from the report builder without having to go to table settings. Note: If you initiate manual ordering from report settings, then your Kanban cards will initially display based on the table’s default sort field. If you prefer to choose the initial order yourself, go to the table’s advanced settings to enable manual ordering. Quick Base Automations: Copy an automation, enhanced usability, and more Copy an automation You can now copy an automation so that you can quickly get started on a new automation. Click the Copy icon in the Automations List page to create a copy. You can then rename and edit the copied automation. Enhanced usability We clarified language on the automations Define Trigger page. In the additional criteria section, if you select specific fields, your automation will run if any of these fields change. The language now reads “Any of the following fields change.” We added a label to help you identify which fields must contain unique data. We made it easier to work with checkbox fields by showing an additional menu. App admins can now delete an automation with a “when data changes” trigger that is owned by another user without first editing the automation. Increased limits We raised the rate limit for actions, webhooks, and automations; these can now run 20 times per second. We raised the timeout limit for an action from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. The timeout limit for a whole automation is now 3 minutes. Improved error handling We improved email error messages so it’s easier to debug and fix automations. Automation owners will now receive an email error message when their automation is disabled because of consecutive failures. More: About Quick Base Automations help article. Working with Automations course in Quick Base University. Track Data Changes with Automations webinar. Admin Console: Deactivate user tokens, create new users, and more Deactivate user tokens (Platform and above plans only) Realm admins can now deactivate user tokens on the User Tokens page of the Admin Console. This gives realm admins control over all user tokens in their realm, significantly enhancing security. We also added the ability to sort the User Tokens page to improve usability. Create new users Admins can now create new users on the Manage Users page of the Admin Console. Click +New Users at the upper right to add a user. Improved Apps (Beta) page Now you can delete apps directly on the new Apps (Beta) page of the Admin Console. COMING SOON: Early access features We currently have the following early access features available: Audit Logs: View data changes Included with Platform and above plans with 6 months of data retention. Available as an add-on for Premier plans. With this release, we’ll start exposing payload for data change events on the Audits page of the Admin Console. Admins can now view details of add, edit, and delete data changes. Note: At this time, the data change log feature is not compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Apps that have entities that are subject to HIPAA compliance should wait to enable data change logs until this feature is generally available this fall, when it will be HIPAA compliant. Tracking of data changes will be off by default. Realm and account admins can enable audit logs for up to 20 apps per realm from the Apps page of the Admin Console. Note: Enabling data change logs is not currently available on the Apps (Beta) page. Then, app admins can select up to 20 fields per table to track for data changes by selecting Track this field for audit purposes in field properties. Formula and summary fields are not supported. When auditing is enabled at both the app and field level, realm admins can view data changes in their audit logs and click each change for more detail. If existing data was updated, the old and new values display side by side. The data change logs will be available to all admins with access to audit logs beginning with the August 19, 2018 release. Type-ahead search picker We’re working on a type-ahead search for records that will reduce time and frustration for those with large datasets. With our current record picker, you have to scroll through up to 1,000 records to find the one you want. With our new record picker, you can search by typing to narrow down your results. Because our new record picker doesn’t support conditional drop-downs, we’re looking for early access participants that don’t have conditional drop-downs. We’re also looking for individual apps rather than realms to test out this feature. To participate, please open a support case and include the app ID. Identity management New identity management integration capabilities are available in Quick Base. We are working on features using the standard System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) specification to allow you to sync Quick Base with common identity managers popular across cloud applications and services, such as Okta, Ping, and OneLogin. To participate, please open a support case. Scroll and load forms We’re testing a new scroll and load forms feature (also known as embedded report Ajax). The feature effectively makes it so embedded reports do not load with the form. Embedded reports load when they come into focus when you are scrolling or if they are nested in a tab. For more information, visit our Community page. To participate, please open a support case and include the app ID and/or realm. ALSO IN THIS RELEASE App colors and icons now display on the mobile version of Quick Base. If you’ve enabled your Kanban reports to send a notification when any field changes, we will no longer send notifications when the only change made is the vertical order of a card. We will not be deprecating old home pages in 2018. WHAT’S FIXED IN QUICK BASE? We continue to focus on quality. Below are the issues we fixed this month. Note: Platform security, billing changes, back-end tooling, and performance are all ongoing commitments. Each release may include changes in these areas. Issue ID Description QBE012572 Corrects issues creating a connected table when initiating the new table from the App Settings page. QBE012597 On the new My Apps page, when an app is deleted, it no longer displays in the top navigation bar. QBE012631 Calendars now display correctly on app home pages. QBE012646 The billing links on the Account Summary page of the Admin Console now display properly in a small browser window. QBE012657 We fixed an issue with inputting values while building an automation in the Firefox browser. QBE012719 The scheduled automation builder now correctly displays the 11th, 12th, and 13th days of the month. QBE012735 We fixed an issue where users editing the new options in App Settings triggered requests to create apps to admins. QBE012744 We fixed an issue in automations where the left-hand navigation bar sometimes showed "Trigger not defined yet" when creating a new or opening an existing automation that has a trigger. QBE012746 We fixed an issue where some customers were unable to delete automations. QBE012749 If an error occurs with an XML download, an error page will display correctly. The August product release is August 19, 2018. New on the Quick Base Community: the University Blog. Check out the August Blog Post for our new course offerings along with a helpful tip on using subscriptions to send reports to your app’s users on a regular basis.

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