August 2019 Release Notes

We continue to deliver on our core themes of trust, simplicity, and power. This month’s release includes features for builders and admins along with enhancements across all areas of the product.

Our August release, with the features and fixes listed below, will be available August 18, 2019.


User and app administration reporting enhancements

This release includes a new ability for realm admins to sync your realm-level user and app data with a Quick Base app. Using a connected table (also known as Quick Base Sync), you can add your realm information from the Quick Base Admin Console into a Quick Base app and then view and report on this data.

Note: This is only available to Platform plans and above, and only with realms that have a single account.

Now when creating a connected table, you’ll see an Admin Console choice:

Once connected, you can work with your realm information in a familiar Quick Base app that you can customize however you want:


User role formula function

Builders can create even more powerful business logic with the new UserRoles formula function, validating permissions and creating role-based conditions for reports, notifications, and automations. This feature allows you to have a smaller number of more adaptable forms.

This formula function can be used in many ways, including:

  • Showing or hiding something on a form based on a user’s role, instead of needing a separate form
  • Validating data based on who is entering the data
  • Sending a webhook or email notification only if a user is in a specific role
  • Dynamically showing instructional text based on which role is viewing the form

For consistency, you can output the UserRoles formula function into a new Formula-Multi-select text field.

New field type: Formula-Multi-select text

With the new field type Formula-Multi-select text, multiple text values are now clearly displayed in a single field so you can determine exactly which values apply to each record. This allows users to see all the applicable items as their own visually-distinct pills, rather than having to interpret a comma-separated list.

For example, you can use this new field to:

  • Show the names of each office building that is served by a specific parking garage
  • Tag each team in a company that needs to be invited to a scheduled all-hands meeting

Working with cross-app relationships in Visual Builder

In Quick Base Visual Builder, when starting a new table-to-table relationship, you can now add cross-app relationships. This feature is a new addition to the capabilities within Visual Builder.

Best practice: Cross-app relationships are useful in these cases: connecting simple, small to medium-sized apps; limited edits in the child table; immediate data availability in the child for viewing on forms and reports. Before proceeding with a cross-app relationship, we recommend reading about all the options for sharing data across apps and select the case that best fits your app and data.

Mobile app enhancements

The Quick Base mobile app now includes these updates:

  • The mobile app will now open links to app content available to the Everyone on the Internet role.

  • PDFs can be opened using third-party mobile applications from inside the Quick Base mobile app.

Performance analyzer includes notification and webhook information

The Quick Base performance analyzer now includes information about notifications and webhooks when viewing data about save events.

Upcoming changes to QuickBooks Online connections

This is a preview of upcoming changes. As part of the September 2019 release, there will be an update to the QuickBooks Online connection used in connected tables (also known as Quick Base Sync). These connections will be updated to use OAuth 2.0 as required by Intuit. After this update, existing QuickBooks Online connections will need to reauthorized by the connection owner. Additional information will be provided in the September 2019 release notes.

Coming soon — Early access

Barcode scanning in Quick Base mobile app

Try out a fast and easy way to capture data, with the ability to scan barcodes using the Quick Base mobile app. A barcode can be scanned into any place a user can enter text.

To request early access to barcode scanning, complete the Early Access form and choose the Mobile category.

New Sandbox

The new Sandbox capability will enable customers to increase app-building collaboration between their builders, admins, and end-users in a safe environment and test changes to their apps using partial or full data from their live app.

Our completely re-designed Sandbox allows builders to modify a Quick Base app in a safe environment and publish those changes directly to the live app.

To request early access to the new Sandbox, complete the Early Access form and choose the Platform Administration & App Lifecycle Management category.

Sign up for future early access opportunities

We have some exciting early access programs coming up. If you are interested in participating, please provide us with your information. If you are a good fit for any of the programs, we will reach out to you directly.

Sign up for future early access opportunities

What’s fixed in Quick Base

We continue to focus on quality. Below are the issues we fixed this month.

Note: Platform security, billing changes, back-end tooling, and performance are all ongoing commitments. Each release may include changes in these areas.

Issue Description
QBE013151 Address fields can accept longitude and latitude coordinates in the Street 1 and Street 2 fields. Address fields with these coordinates now appear correctly in the mobile app and mobile browsers.
QBE013256 Fixes a permission issue viewing embedded reports when a cross-app relationship is used.
QBE013359 Ensures custom column headers appear on reports in the mobile app and mobile browsers.
QBE013593 Fixes an issue where reports filtered with a reference field and the ask the user setting did not work correctly in the mobile app and mobile browsers.
QBE013623 Corrects URL links in some emails sent by Quick Base regarding account updates.
QBE013673 Updates some app and table settings pages to remove a set of outdated navigation links.
QBE013685 In notifications, clarifies the default settings when creating a custom message.
QBE013689 Updates searches in table reports to produce results dynamically upon entering the search string.
QBE013692 For the Quick Base mobile app and mobile browsers, we fixed the app icon that displays when navigating between tables.
QBE013703 Fixes an issue so that the custom color of URL buttons appears correctly in the mobile app and mobile browsers.
QBE013704 In the mobile app and mobile browsers, viewing records on calendar reports now works correctly.
QBE013705 / QBE013717 / QBE013721 For connected tables using Gmail data, Quick Base Sync now includes changes to better handle limits imposed by the Gmail API and to reduce errors caused by non-standard email addresses in the To, From, and CC fields.
QBE013707 When using the mobile app, the numeric keyboard now appears when you select to enter data into a numeric field. Previously the full keyboard appeared.
QBE013708 The mobile app and mobile browsers now show the edited names of home page report and chart widgets. Previously the original name of the reports or chart appeared rather than the custom/edited label.
QBE013713 When visiting Quick Base pages in a mobile browser, adds the standard OS prompts to download the mobile app.
QBE013710 Updates the Quick Base account cancelation process to allow for self-serve options, depending on plan amount.
QBE013712 Fixes an issue using a report formula as a filter in a summary report.
QBE013720 When using the Quick Base mobile app on a tablet, improves the user interface for the table bar.
QBE013723 For the mobile app, fixes an issue with the home page search widget so it targets a specific report correctly.
QBE013724 For the mobile app, fixes an issue where a form rule was not working correctly with a text - multiple choice set to appear as radio buttons.
QBE013725 Corrects an issue in the mobile app where a form was not responding as expected.
QBE013730 Updates the Admin Console to include your Quick Base account manager information.

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