January 2017 Release Notes

It’s a brand new year, and we’re celebrating by enhancing QuickBase security with 2-step authentication. Secure your apps with 2-step authentication 2-step authentication ensures only authorized users can access your QuickBase apps. This month we’re rolling out this oft-requested feature. With 2-step authentication, a user signing in to QuickBase must provide two means of identification: a username/password combination and a security code delivered via email. So even if someone knows your password, they won’t be able to sign in to QuickBase. 2-step authentication also eliminates the need for security questions. Your identity is verified exclusively using your password and a verification code of six alphanumeric characters. When you sign in with 2-step authentication turned on, you'll be prompted to enter the code that you received in your email. Verification codes are good for 10 minutes. 2-step_signin How to enable 2-step authentication To enable 2-step authentication, an admin selects a setting in Account Settings. The process is slightly different depending on your account configuration. For more details, search online Help after January 29 for "2-step authentication." What’s Fixed in QuickBase? Here’s what we fixed this month. ID Issue QBE010301 Depending on the data set, x-axis labels on bar charts sometimes overlapped. This issue has been resolved. QBE010872 If you attempted to update a billing contact whose email address contained the top-level domain “.axa” (e.g., “tjones@home.axa”), you received an error message requesting you to enter a valid email address. This issue has been resolved. QBE011008 You could not use a user token as authentication to download a file attachment from an application. If you attempted this, you were redirected to a sign-in page. This issue has been resolved. QBE011031 (mobile only) If you used the Copy button to copy a record, values were not copied unless they were from default fields or from fields derived from a formula. This issue has been resolved. QBE011052 If you deleted a user from the Users with Access page, and then clicked a linked user name, the link sometimes did not open the correct user record. This issue has been resolved. QBE011053 In a few cases, if you edited or viewed a record containing an address field, the user interface displayed two different map locations depending on whether you were editing or viewing the record. This issue has been resolved. QBE011055 For summary fields only, if you ran API_GenResultsTable on an external website and used the options equals abs parameter to specify absolute URLs, the result contained relative URLs. This issue has been resolved. QBE011080 If you pasted an extremely long search query in the Search box of a table report, the performance of the search dropped severely. This issue has been resolved by enforcing a maximum search limit of 255 characters.

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