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Create an app with Visual Builder

With this release, when you create an app whether you choose Start from scratch or Build from a template, you’ll go directly into Visual Builder to add or modify tables and fields, then save your new app. You’ll also have the option to take a tour to guide you through app building.

Field properties: view sample data

Maintaining your apps just got a little easier now that you can preview the data a field contains from the Field Properties page. Click the sample data link to see the value from the first record in the table.

Increased limits for Kanban reports

Accomplish even more with your Kanban reports, now that you can include up to 15 columns with up to 100 cards each.

Note: Leveraging this many cards or columns requires web browsers to have sufficient performance with features such as drag & drop. Chrome and Firefox will perform the best.

Improved performance for the user picker in built-in fields

We’ve improved the performance of the user picker used in the built-in record owner and last modified fields used in areas such as filtering records on advanced find, permission building, and while creating a report.

Updated error messages

We’ve updated the styling and content for a number of error messages, including certain report, table, and app-level error messages you might encounter.

Updated styling for Settings icon

We’ve update the styling for the Settings icon so it's more consistent visually with other areas of the product; the background is now white instead of blue.

Improved advanced search

Advanced search on the My apps page now only returns apps in your realm, even if apps have the Everyone on the Internet role.

Early access opportunities
Feature Description status how to participate
Quick Base Pipelines Quick Base Pipelines lets you integrate your data and automate your workflows across your existing cloud-based software tools. New

Sign up in our early access app and select Improving Workflow under Early Access Categories.

New table report The new table report experience provides a modernized interface to view, filter, sort, and group Quick Base data. Continuing. We are gradually rolling out early access in waves to customers who sign up and are a good fit. Sign up in our early access app and select Using Apps under Early Access Categories.

We continue to focus on quality. Below are the issues we fixed this month.

Note: Platform security, billing changes, back-end tooling, and performance are all ongoing commitments. Each release may include changes in these areas.

Issue Description
QBE013941 We fixed an issue with table home pages that displayed table reports with email links. Users in a given role will no longer see an email link if the Hide Email Buttons/Links option is checked for their role in the User Interface tab of the Roles page.
QBE014014 We fixed an issue where some super users were unable to access apps that were not marked private.
QBE014023 We fixed an issue with the new Sandbox where a couple of apps failed to retrieve changes that include email notifications.
QBE014024 The new Sandbox now detects when a change would be a “breaking” change and disables the publish option, only allowing you to revert changes.
QBE014025 For apps with new Sandbox enabled, you no longer see certain links or buttons in the user interface of the live app for changes that must be made in Sandbox, such as deleting or copying common reports or deleting tables.
QBE014026 We fixed an issue with the new Sandbox where form elements would fail to publish if the underlying form properties were not also changed.
QBE014028 We fixed an issue where users were unable to change the record owner in the live app if the new Sandbox was enabled.
QBE014038 We improved performance of medium-to-large grouped table reports.
QBE014039 We fixed an issue with incorrect sorting for certain grouping types in single-level grouped reports.
QBE014040 Old sandbox apps no longer display the checkbox in App Properties to enable the new Sandbox.

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