Introducing New Pipelines Channels

We are excited to announce that you can now connect and integrate with these popular web apps:

  • Twilio — With our Twilio integration you can easily build workflows to automatically handle text messages and manage the message logs. Learn more about the Twilio channel in online help.
  • Google Contacts — Use this channel to manage and transfer Google contact information, perform all create, read, update and delete operations. Learn more about the Google Contacts channel in online help.
  • Google Calendar — Build powerful workflows using Calendar and Events. Learn more about the Google Calendar channel in online help.
  • Google Sheets — Create, monitor, analyze, transfer and transform your spreadsheet data cross platform with the Google Sheet channel. Learn more about the Google Sheets channel in online help.


New default record picker behavior

Record pickers on new tables (customizable in Advanced Table Settings) now default to listing the first three fields that were added to the table. Previously, the default record picker listed the Record ID first, which is often not a helpful value to display. This new behavior will make table-to-table relationships more intuitive for new builders and reduce the need to change this default. As a part of this change, modifying the Key Field in a table no longer impacts what is displayed in the record picker.


Improved scrolling behavior in new table report

Now the column header row and sticky first column will stay put on the screen as you scroll without dancing in and out of view. This also resolves an issue where users could sometimes scroll past the end of a grouped report. We have also updated the appearance of the button to show or hide the filters section.


Beta opportunities
Feature Description status how to participate
New table reports The new table report provides a modern interface to view, filter, sort, and group Quick Base data. Use the toggle found on each report to turn the experience on. Open beta Open to everyone
New dashboards Our new dashboards provide a refreshed modern interface and new functionality for users.

View collections of reports from across all of your Quick Base applications and filter across selected reports by field values in the underlying data.

Beta Sign up in our early access app. Select Building Apps under Program Area.

We will be accepting customers in waves to participate. Read more about the new dashboards.

New timeline The enhanced timeline builds upon the New Table Report feature and leverages many of the same enhancements that the Table Report brings to the platform.

In addition to a more modern experience, customers can gather more insight immediately with colorized timeline bars.

Beta Sign up in our early access app. Select Using Apps under Program Area.
Platform Insights Platform Insights provides customers with complete visibility into their usage of Quick Base through an interactive dashboard displaying key metrics.

Realm and account admins can better understand platform-wide usage details and trends to effectively manage and govern their Quick Base instance.

Coming soon to Beta Sign up in our early access app. Select Platform Administration and/or Platform Infrastructure under Program Area.


We continue to focus on quality. Below are the issues we fixed this month.

Note: Platform security, billing changes, back-end tooling, and performance are all ongoing commitments. Each release may include changes in these areas.

Issue Description
QBE015126 We fixed an issue where the search bar would disappear when no records were returned in the new table report.
QBE015141 Non-admin users can now make API requests to getTables and access tables to which they have permission.
QBE015143 We fixed an issue where the API returned an incorrect 200 response code when a user submitted an invalid authorization header for the file download endpoint. The 400 Bad Request now appears when this occurs.

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