he long days of summer are here and we’re rolling out two great options for your long forms: adding tabs and a “Save and keep working” choice. You can also choose your own color for buttons in URL fields, manage users in user pickers with new bulk controls, and more! Updated 07/25/17. Add tabs to better organize your forms Focus your users’ attention and help them find key information quickly by adding tabs to your forms. Tabs are particularly helpful for long forms that enable complex business processes. For example, your project management app may track projects, tasks, time cards, budgets, and approvals. Now you can include information about each of these areas as a separate tab in your form enabling your users to quickly add and edit data. Add tabs to forms the same way you add sections, by clicking Customize this Form and inserting a new element. Select Tab from the dropdown and label your tab. Tabs can contain sections. For example, you can divide a form that contains 15 sections into 5 tabs with 3 sections each. We've also extended form rules so you can dynamically hide or show tabs based on how users interact with your form. Note: Users on the mobile site can access forms with tabs in full site mode only. Enable your users to “Save and keep working” when filling out forms You can now add a “Save and keep working” option to your forms. This new option saves the work users have done up to that point and brings them to the top of the form (or the top of the first tab if the form has tabs). When you add save and keep working to your form, users have three choices from the Save dropdown. We’ve updated the labels for other save options to add clarity: Save and close acts the same way Save does today—it saves the record the user is working on and closes the page. Save and new saves the current new record and displays a blank form to add another record. Save and next takes the place of Save and new when you’re editing records. It saves the current record and opens the next record for editing. To add save and keep working to a form, go to the form’s Properties tab and select Show save and keep working choice. Choosing to save and keep working triggers the same email reminders and form rules as other save options. In order to save and keep working, all required fields must be filled in. Easily manage showing users in user pickers with bulk controls Save time by using new bulk controls to easily managing which users display in user pickers. On the Manage Users page, you can select all the users on the page by clicking the check box in the table header, or select multiple individual users. Then click Show in User Pickers to display the selected users in user pickers (or Hide in User Pickers so that their names will not display). Choose your own color for buttons in URL fields Make your action buttons stand out or match your branding by choosing your own color. The option to pick a custom color for buttons has long been available for buttons on app home pages, but now you can also choose a color for buttons in both URL and formula URL fields. To change the color, go to SETTINGS, click Fields, and click the field name. Under Display, click the colored bar next to Choose button color. Select or enter your color choice. Manage user access using new Group option We’ve added a new option for filtering on the Manage Users page, which allows you to filter by groups. We’ve also updated the filter labels for clarity. Now you can display different combinations of user access by selecting one or more of the following filters: Individual shows each user invited directly via email Membership in a Group shows each group member separately Group shows the names of the groups Fine-tune settings for external redirects at the realm level Some Quick Base apps redirect users to sites outside of quickbase.com. For example, a formula field may be set up to add a new record and then redirect a user to an external web site. Realm admins can opt to prevent these redirects. Now, they can also choose to allow redirects only to certain sites they specify (while preventing all others). Realm admins can change these settings in the Security policies area of the Policies tab by selecting Ignore redirects outside of quickbase.com. Realm admins can enter a list of hostnames in the Allow redirects to these sites box. Hostnames should be in the example.com format with no http:// or www. Also in this Release We’ve revamped the report list widget so that it lists all the tables in which a user can access some records, even if those tables are not visible in the table bar. We’ve made some updates to make our billing processes smoother. New this month, you can purchase on-site training as a one-time purchase through our billing site. We enhanced the To formatted text formula function to accept a duration field value and a text label to specify the format of the duration value. You can now access Release Notes from the Help menu by clicking What’s New. This brings you to a page that links you to the previous 12 months of Release Notes. What's Fixed in Quick Base? We continue to focus on quality. Here are the issues we fixed this month. Issue ID Description QBE010622 Mobile only: An I forgot my password link is now available on the mobile site. QBE011181 We fixed an issue with extremely high records IDs when loading an app QBE011290 The collapse/expand button in the Options section of reports now works for all types of reports. QBE011291 The collapse/expand button in the Advanced Settings section of the App Properties page has been fixed. QBE011304 We fixed an issue where the API_ChangeUserRole did not work if the Show in user pickers checkbox was not checked for the user. QBE011363 We fixed some incorrect wrapping of field labels for checkbox fields in the Chrome browser. QBE011387 The browser favicon was updated with the new Quick Base logo in a page generated from the Exact Form. QBE011390 The browser favicon was updated with the new Quick Base logo in a page generated when a file attachment is added. QBE011393 We fixed an issue where a user was being redirected back to a deleted webhook after editing a field that was previously linked to that webhook. QBE011394 Now you can delete a field that was used in a Quick Base Action without losing the values to be written to the affected records. QBE011415 We removed an outdated link in the My User Preferences section of the My Preferences page. QBE011431 Quick Base Actions can now be created for apps with quotation marks in the app name. QBE011435 A divider now displays between Select a function and the list of fields in the new fields and functions picker. QBE011454 Import/Export permissions now work properly when both Grid Edit and Import/Export are enabled for a user in some, but not all tables in an app. QBE011459 We made some backend logging changes. QBE011460 If a custom confirmation message appeared when enabling app access for Everyone on the internet, it now displays correctly. QBE011464 The new searchable field pickers now display field names with special characters correctly to match the browser character settings the user has established. QBE011465 After the last release, email addresses were not copying correctly when a user right-clicked on a text field and selected copy email address. We fixed this. QBE011473 We corrected the legal name of QuickBase, Inc. in the copyright statement in help files. QBE011478 After the last release, users who only had access to add records to a table received an error message when accessing the app home page if the home page included a chart from that table. We fixed this. QBE011480 We fixed a grammatical error on the User Record Picker and notification edit pages. QBE011482 We completed our re-branding in product by updating images. QBE011484 We fixed some incorrect wrapping of field labels and values in the Chrome browser. QBE011493 QuickBase University is no longer available to denied users, deactivated users, and suspended accounts. QBE011496 We improved the error message users receive when they have set up a Quick Base sync with a CSV and change or delete the folder the CSV file was stored in. QBE011498 and QBE011499 We made backend changes to support the new User Management UI early access program. QBE011502 For participants in the early access new User Management UI, signing out logs you out of both the early access environment and your Quick Base environment. Platform security is an ongoing commitment and as such, each release may include security updates and enhancements. And in the works… From time to time, we add a new feature to Quick Base that we are beta testing. This feature is not part of our active code, but can be turned on for certain customers who are a good fit for our testing. This month, we are beginning to test an option for customers on Unlimited and Platform plans to route end users to their internal help system. If a customer has Quick Base experts on staff who know their company’s apps inside and out, their users’ questions may frequently relate specifically to their apps. They may also have internal resources to support app creation. This new feature would allow these customers to choose to route employees directly to internal help staff. To learn more about how to add tabs to forms from a Quick Base expert, attend our webinar. Note: In a previous version of these release notes, we referenced new recipient options for email reminders. We're not releasing this feature at this time.

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