RESTful JSON API Portal enhancements

Since our launch in early June, we have been hard at work enhancing the portal to help you use our new RESTful JSON APIs:

  • We have now included the OpenAPI Specification (OAS)
  • New visual refinements to help you focus on the information you need
  • Quick Base specific response headers will now be shown in a tab when testing in the portal
  • General content updates to provide more detailed and helpful information

Operation took too long update

We have updated our messaging in regards to our reports in Quick Base with information on where to get help to optimize your report.

QuickBooks Authorization for Quick Base Sync Connections and Pipelines

Starting August 1, 2020, Intuit will no longer support the Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) browser for QuickBooks authorization screens.

This means when you create or reauthorize a QuickBooks connection for Quick Base Sync connected tables or through a Pipeline, you will need to use an Intuit supported browser. See this Intuit alert for more information.

Note: Existing connections will continue to work.

Quick Base security enhancements to HTML file attachments

We have disabled, by default, the ability to view HTML file attachments within a browser. Realm admins will need to enter a Care case from their portal in order to override this new feature.

Pipelines upgrades

In Pipelines, we upgraded the Jinja Library from version 2.8 to 2.11.2. Read more about these changes in this changelog.

Beta opportunities
Feature Description status how to participate
New table report experience


The new table report provides a modern interface to view, filter, sort, and group Quick Base data available when users are offline. Use the toggle found on each report to turn the experience on. Open Beta Open to everyone


What’s fixed in Quick Base

We continue to focus on quality. Below are the issues we fixed this month.

Note: Platform security, billing changes, back-end tooling, and performance are all ongoing commitments. Each release may include changes in these areas.

Issue Description
QBE014116 We resolved an issue when multiple embedded reports on a form, targeting the same table, caused issues with displaying the correct information.
QBE014417 We fixed a bug that caused Record Picker to sporadically not display all records.
QBE014565 We corrected a problem with the calendar report not allowing a user to choose the year past 2020 for the initial month.
QBE014571 We resolved an issue with Kanban reports where cards were not being removed when deleted.
QBE014633 We corrected a visual issue with New Table Reports where records were getting cutoff in Safari.
QBE014635 We fixed an issue on New Table Reports, records containing extra spaces were not being returned.
QBE014643 We corrected a visual issue in New Table Reports when Hide Multi-records Options was selected, it blocked the option to download report.
QBE014665 We fixed an issue with the JSON Channel in Pipelines incorrectly interpreting a value of 0(zero) to mean false.
QBE014666 We adjusted settings in Pipelines that were causing builders to occasionally receive an Intermittent Validation Error during steps within a loop of executions.
QBE014673 We corrected a bug that caused an error message that the user is not logged in, even though they are.
QBE014679 We resolved an issue that resulted when a user field has snapshotting and a default value, it'll cause a crash when adding/editing a record
QBE014675 We fixed a formatting issue causing the pagination menu to be cutoff in some situations.
QBE014680 We corrected the process of reading report formulas from disk to improve performance.

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