Please Note: On Wednesday, April 15, 2020 we concluded our phased roll out of the Pipelines technology for Quick Base customers. If your account has not been activated please submit a support case.

New channels and actions in Quick Base Pipelines
  • CSV Handler channel
    • The built-in CSV Handler channel allows pipelines to fetch and process CSV files that are delimited by semicolon, tabs, spaces, or commas.
  • New Email trigger for the Outlook channel
    • The New Email step in the Outlook channel will activate your constructed pipeline when an email is received that fits the criteria you specify.
  • CSV import for the Quick Base channel
    • This new step introduces a new way to import data from a CSV resource into your Quick Base table in a single step. Limited to 10,000 rows.

The New Table Report experience is here (released on 6/2)

We are in open beta! The new table report provides a modern interface to view, filter, sort, and group Quick Base data. Use the toggle found on each report to turn the experience on or off, the choice is yours.

Mobile Offline data entry (released on 6/2)

The days of worrying about connectivity are over! Now, users can upload records to Quick Base without being connected to the internet.

RESTful API calls (released on 6/2)

Developers can utilize and extend Quick Base with ease by using fully RESTful API calls. Find more information at our new RESTful API portal.

Early access opportunities
Feature Description status how to participate
New table report experience


The new table report provides a modern interface to view, filter, sort, and group Quick Base data available when users are offline. Use the toggle found on each report to turn the experience on. Open Beta Open to everyone


What’s fixed in Quick Base

We continue to focus on quality. Below are the issues we fixed this month.

Note: Platform security, billing changes, back-end tooling, and performance are all ongoing commitments. Each release may include changes in these areas.

Issue Description
QBE014560 We fixed an issue with notification recipients changes in the sandbox were not being applied to the main app.
QBE014581 We fixed an issue with the Sandbox not recognizing changes in summary field or adding a filter.
QBE014582 We fixed an issue of notifications not being triggered when records are added by EOTI.
QBE014605 We fixed an issue that could cause an erroneous error during a connected table refresh that removes records from a connected table.
QBE014611 We made changes to reduce timeout errors during Salesforce connected table refreshes.
QBE014612 We fixed an issue with users not being removed from Admin console when a domain is removed.
QBE014619 We fixed an issue with API counts being incorrectly reported. The issue It only affects users using the Quick Base Mobile App versions 1.29 and above
QBE014640 We fixed an issue with some fields in the new table report not being clickable when Display as a link to the related record is selected.

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