Automations to Pipelines migration capability

Use this new capability to easily convert your existing Quickbase automations into Pipelines. You can continue running your automated workflow without interruption, while the flexibility, scalability, and speed of Pipelines ensures that your processes are always ready to grow with your business.

Beginning June 21, you can find the new migration capability on any page that displays automations in your Quickbase apps. You can migrate one automation at a time, and there's no limit to the amount of automations you can migrate.

To learn more about the capability and the use cases it supports, review our Automation migration help topic, or read more on the Automating with Pipelines Quickbase Community page.


New table report style

The new table report style is now the default for all users. We removed the word “beta” from the table report toggle to reflect this.

Eventually, we’ll remove the toggle entirely so all customers will use this style. However, we’ll keep the toggle around for a period of time while we confirm that this style serves the needs of the Quickbase community. Read more about how to use the new style and why we made these changes in our Quickbase Community article or help center.

We also updated this style so that filters or searches applied on new table reports before entering grid edit are maintained when you save or cancel out of grid edit.

Security enhancement to custom branding

We disabled the ability to insert and/or edit custom code such as JavaScript in custom branding on June 13. This change affects branding set both at the app level and at the realm level. Users cannot save branding that contains unsupported content. This is part of a greater security initiative regarding how Quickbase handles JavaScript and unsupported HTML tags in places other than code pages. Learn about upcoming JavaScript changes on Quickbase Community.

Batch deletes just got faster

We significantly decreased the amount of time it takes to perform large batch delete operations in Quickbase when you open the More menu in a report and select the Delete these records option. This is part of our broader efforts to continue improving Quickbase performance for increased scale.

Beta opportunities

Note that open betas are available to all Quickbase users, allowing us to collect feedback on new features before releasing them fully.

Feature Description status how to participate
New timeline report

All users can toggle on the new style of timeline reports in their apps.

Open Beta

Open to all

Report settings panel – Kanban Update report settings more quickly for your Kanban reports using our new slide-in report settings panel. Beta Sign up in our early access app. Select Building Apps under Program Area.
Summary Formulas for charts Advanced summary report formulas will now be available in charts. Beta Sign up in our early access app.
Formula queries The ability to gather information from any field or record in a Quickbase app, without a relationship. Customers will be invited in very small waves. Beta Sign up in our early access app.

What’s fixed in Quickbase

We continue to focus on quality. Below are the issues we fixed this month.

Note: Platform security, billing changes, back-end tooling, and performance are all ongoing commitments. Each release may include changes in these areas.

Issue Description
QBE015801 We upgraded the Exchange channel used by Quickbase Sync for connected tables. As part of the upgrade, you may notice that the text in the Body field looks cleaner. This also means that the Date Modified timestamp may have changed for a record the first time the table refreshed after the upgrade.
QBE015738 We fixed an issue where searches in the new table report style returned results from all searchable fields present on the table, rather than only the fields in columns marked as searchable.
QBE015763 We fixed an issue where find and replace would sometimes not work if you accessed the new table report in Firefox.
QBE015813 We fixed an issue in the new table report style where clicking a Formula - URL button to add a record that features the &z= Rurl() parameter returned a JSON response on save instead of properly redirecting the user back to where they started.
QBE015816 We fixed an issue in the new table report where, when a search timed out, the report displayed a blank page instead of an error message.
QBE015281 We fixed an issue where apostrophes in new table report titles did not encode correctly after the report was updated.
QBE015800 In the RESTful API, we updated the currencyFormat field property type from an integer to an enum of strings. This change affects the createField and updateField endpoints.
QBE015795 We fixed an issue in the RESTful API where, if the Hash User Tokens box was checked in a realm, the response to a Clone a user token call would display as empty quotes ("",) instead of showing the full token value. If the flag was disabled, the token displayed properly between the quotes.
QBE014901 We fixed an issue in the new table report style where users couldn’t adjust the width of the final column in a report.
QBE015753 We fixed an issue in the new table report style where report descriptions that were fully expanded still displayed a "Show more / Show less" message.
QBE015799 We fixed an issue in the new table report style where, when reports were configured to display without wrapping, content was wrapped tightly in the first column.
QBE014809 We fixed an issue in the new table report style where expansion in multiple selections within a column filter would make scrolling difficult.
QBE015857 We fixed an issue in the new table report style where saving your changes on the Field Properties page would open the Fields section under Table Settings instead of your report. Now, saving your changes on Field Properties returns you to your report.
QBE015861 We renamed Summary Report Formulas to Summary Formulas in the report builder.
QBE014978 The SameSite:None attribute was not being passed to the SAML flow. We are slowly rolling out an enhancement supporting customers using a SAML flow that are also using Quickbase within iFrames. This change will not be available to all customers on release day.



Fixed issues with copy and paste in grid edit between applications in Chrome or Firefox. We have improved the cross-browser support for pasting into grid edit. Users can now use their keyboard shortcut or Paste Special.

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