March 2018 Release Notes

Our March release spotlights new features to meet the high governance, visibility, and security standards IT demands. Admins can now: View and download audit logs for all log-ins Access all admin functions in one place via a new Admin Console Specify inactivity timeouts for active user sessions For builders, real-time error checking for formulas is now available. And coming soon is Quick Base Automations, which debuts in early access this month. The March release of Quick Base, including the features and fixes listed in these release notes, is available starting Sunday, March 25, 2018. SPOTLIGHT Gain visibility with audit logs for all log-ins Included with Platform and Unlimited plans with 6 months of data retention. Available as an add-on for Premier plans. Realm admins can gain greater visibility into their users’ activities, as well as API log-ins, by viewing and downloading audit logs of all log-ins. Audit logs help ensure you meet your organization’s security standards and corporate compliance policies. This first phase of audit logs focuses on user activity, with plans to add tracking of data and schema changes. Retention packages will be available as an add on for 1, 3, and 7 years. Admins can view the last 90 days of audit log information in the user interface and download the rest. To view and download audit logs: Click Audit Logs in the left-hand navigation bar of the new Admin Console or the Manage Billing Account Click Download and enter a date range to download a .csv file of audit logs and click Download to confirm. Access all your admin functions with the new Admin Console Now realm and account admins can manage all their administrative functions in one place through the new Admin Console. This console includes all the new admin features—audit logs, session management, and the new user management interface—combined with the functions available through the Manage Billing Account page. Access all these features from the left-hand navigation bar of the console. To access this new console, click Try new experience on the Manage Billing Account page. You can click Use original experience to return to the old navigation. Account Summary page in new Admin Console: Users page in new Admin Console: In our April release, this new console will be the default with the option to revert to the old navigation. With our May release, this new console will be the way to manage all your admin functions. Notes: The Users with Access, Directory, and Deny tabs from the Manage Billing Account section do not appear as separate links in the left-hand navigation bar. These features are included in the new user management interface available by clicking Users. The new navigation has links to both the Account Summary and the Realm Summary. Admins will see one or both depending on their access level. New user management features added: From the slide-out User Info panel in the Manage All Users page of the Admin Console, admins with access to edit users can now also: Send an email verification directly Send a password reset email To follow industry best practices, admins of realms that use SAML authentication can now: Specify that a specific user's credentials should be managed by Quick Base, even though the realm as a whole uses SAML by selecting Use Quick Base to manage password. Note: Currently, realm admins of realms that use SAML authentication do not have access to edit a user’s information or send password reset and email verification messages. Enhance security with inactivity timeouts for active user sessions Realm admins can add extra security by setting inactivity timeouts for active user sessions. Specify how many minutes of inactivity are allowed before a user is logged out, with a minimum time of 5 minutes. Users will be notified 60 seconds before their idle session closes. To specify a session time limit, go to the realm policies page (accessed from either the new or old navigation) and enter a time limit. Create formulas more efficiently with real-time error checking Last month, we released real-time error checking for all formula types as an opt-in feature. Now this feature is available for all Quick Base users. With this feature, there’s no need to write the whole formula and then save it. You can see if each line of a formula is correctly formatted as you enter it; click the icon to view specific error messages. In addition to checking for formatting errors, the real-time error checking feature also ensures formula arguments are the correct type (e.g., text, number, Boolean) and suggests fields and variables based on the expected type. View real-time error checking in action: [video width="928" height="209" mp4=""][/video] Delete records directly in table reports Users with permission to delete records and act on multiple records at once can now delete records more easily using checkboxes in table reports. To remove records, select one or more checkboxes or select the checkbox at the top to select all records, then click Delete. You will be prompted to confirm deletion. Note: If your user is unable to delete records, you may need to modify the user’s role to ensure that they have both: Delete records checked on the Permissions tab of Role Settings Hide Multi-Record Options unchecked on the User Interface tab of Role Settings If your users already had access to the “Delete all records on this report” action, they will have access to these checkboxes. More about roles COMING SOON Quick Base Automations: Early access begins Our new automations feature is now available for early access testing. This feature is not part of our active code, but can be turned on for customers who are a good fit for our testing. An automation is a set of rules you define to automatically perform actions. Automations allow you to reduce repetitive steps, replace manual processes, and ensure clean data. Each automation consists of a trigger, which is what happens in your app that tells the automation to run, and one or more actions that happen in a specific order. Actions can add, modify, or delete records, or run a previously created table-to-table import. You can also streamline your automations by pulling in data from your trigger or previous actions. If you are interested in early access to this feature for either your whole realm or specific applications, open a support case. Updated Zapier Connector: Beta In February, we launched our Beta for an updated Zapier connector to enable more powerful and secure integrations connecting Quick Base with over 1,000 cloud apps. On May 1, 2018, we will launch this new connector. The connector will enable you to automate your exact workflows without writing code. Examples include automatically Creating a new record in Quick Base when someone completes a Typeform survey Adding a new event to your Google Calendar when a record is added to Quick Base Catching a data set via a webhook and inserting it into Quick Base as a record Some of the improvements we have implemented include: A better record-created trigger that lets you filter down record creation events. The improved trigger reduces the number of Zaps that have to run. Advanced actions that make Zap building faster and more efficient, like Find and update Find and update or create Delete UserToken support that makes integrations more secure and easier to maintain We will be sunsetting the current Zapier connector on May 1, 2018. Although you will still be able to run and edit existing Zaps, you will need to use the new connector to create a new Zap. To activate the new Beta Quick Base connector, use this link. Note: Zapier is a third-party integration service. To use the Quick Base connector, you will need a separate account through Zapier. New My Apps page Coming soon, you’ll begin your day in Quick Base with a completely redesigned My Apps experience. It features much of the same functionality as the current My Apps, but with a cleaner look and simplified user interface. View our blog post for more information. My Apps Default Ending support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and 10 Quick Base is committed to enterprise-grade security and continuously promotes security across all aspects of our service. As part of this effort, we are ending support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and 10 browsers on March 31, 2018. These browser versions, not supported by Microsoft, pose increasing security risks to their users and organizations. You will still be able to access Quick Base with Internet Explorer 9 and 10. However, the latest technologies used in building new Quick Base features will not be supported by these browser versions. It is likely that, over time, your product experience will become unpredictable and inconsistent. Accessing Quick Base with supported browser versions means improved security and the ability to take full advantage of the latest and greatest Quick Base features and enhancements. For more information, view our blog post. ALSO IN THIS RELEASE To improve the customer experience, we will be retiring our old home pages—home pages created prior to the 2013 launch of the drag-and-drop home page builder—in the coming months. As a first step, we will no longer support copying of old dashboards as part of the March release, on March 25, 2018. For realm admins for new Quick Base customers, the Prevent embedding in iframes and Prevent external redirects features on the realm policies page are now enabled by default. You can access these features by clicking Policies on the new Admin Console or the Manage Billing Account page. NEW RESOURCES Enhanced Knowledge Base We're enriching the content on our community site by adding Knowledge Base articles that will be actively curated and updated as we add new features to the Quick Base platform. The Quick Base Knowledge Base is your library of frequently-asked questions about building apps to solve your business problems. Knowledge Base articles previously lived on a separate site that will be retired with the April release, on April 22, 2018. New in Quick Base University Quick Base Certification: Registration for our new certification exams is free until June 30, 2018. Use the promo code qbcert when you register. We offer two new certifications: App Builder and Expert Builder. You can find certification details on Quick Base University. New Quick Base Qualification Badges: Our Qualification Badge program fosters continued learning and fits into your schedule, with each course broken down into individual components that you can review at your convenience. Click to review the requirements and claim your badges! New and updated eLearning Courses New March courses: II17: Automation Builder introduces Quick Base Automations. FF10: Controlling Data with Roles and Permissions focuses on creating and managing roles. Q01: Q1 2018 Quarterly Continuing Education Series presents key product features released each quarter, including an overview of the benefits, as well as step-by-step instruction for use. Note: If you have 2018 certification, you are required to complete these courses to automatically receive the 2019 Certification. RF01: San Francisco Community Summit - March 13-14, 2018 course includes a collection of event presentations by Quick Base users and staff covering challenging use cases and best practices. Updated March courses: A01:Overview of Account Administration covers how to streamline many user administration tasks, such as user management. See: Manage All Users FF08: Distributing Data with Reports walks you through creating a calendar report using the new features released in February. See: Creating a Calendar Report Access this content, free of charge, at Quick Base University. WHAT'S FIXED IN QUICK BASE? We continue to focus on quality. Below are the issues we fixed this month. Note: Platform security, billing changes, back-end tooling, and performance are all ongoing commitments and as such, each release may include changes in these areas. Issue ID Description QBE012114 We fixed an issue with changing dynamic form rules for rich text fields to a value in a field that was previously deleted from the table. QBE012186 Now when a new calendar report is emailed, only the events that were displayed when the email was initiated are included. QBE012268 When new calendars do not display due to a permissions issue or deleted field, the rest of the home page now displays properly. The March release of Quick Base, including the features and fixes listed above, is available starting Sunday, March 25, 2018.

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