New channels in Quick Base Pipelines

We are adding five new integration channels to Quick Base Pipelines:

  • Dropbox

  • Mailgun

  • Microsoft Sharepoint

  • Shopify

  • Zuora

Note: On Tuesday, February 25, 2020 we began a phased roll out of the Pipelines technology for Quick Base customers. We will be turning the feature on for groups of customers in phases. We will be adding these five new channels as they become available between now and the March 15 product release.

Mobile: Custom app/realm header colors

Now, if you have set up custom branding colors at the realm or app level, these colors will appear on mobile as well.

Sandbox: Realm admins can require use

Realm admins now have the ability to require sandbox use on an app-by-app basis from the Admin Console. If a realm admin selects require sandbox, app builders must use a sandbox to make any schema changes and cannot disable the sandbox feature.

Upcoming change to Gmail connections for connected tables

We will soon be making an update to Gmail connections used for connected tables (also known as Quick Base Sync). This is a required change from Google. After this update, existing Gmail connections may fail and will need to be reauthorized by the connection owner. The date of the update and additional information will be sent to Gmail connection owners before the update occurs.

To reauthorize a Gmail connection:

  1. Select the user dropdown on the Global bar, then choose My Preferences.

  2. In the My Connections section, select the Gmail connection you want to reauthorize.

  3. Select the Reauthorize button and sign in to your Gmail account.

Early access opportunities
Feature Description status how to participate
RESTful APIs Developers can use and extend Quick Base with ease by using fully RESTful API calls. New

Sign up in our early access app and select Extending Quick Base under Early Access Categories.

New table report The new table report experience provides a modernized interface to view, filter, sort, and group Quick Base data. Beginning. We will gradually roll out early access in waves over the next 2-6 weeks to customers who sign up and are a good fit.

Sign up in our early access app and select Using Apps under Early Access Categories.

What’s fixed in Quick Base

We continue to focus on quality. Below are the issues we fixed this month.

Note: Platform security, billing changes, back-end tooling, and performance are all ongoing commitments. Each release may include changes in these areas.

Issue Description
QBE014069 We made improvements to reduce the likelihood of connected table refresh failures caused by Zendesk limits.
QBE014081 You can now copy apps that have sandbox enabled.
QBE014092 We fixed an issue with emailing a report to more than 10 users.
QBE014098 We fixed an issue where you were unable to change the table icon on the advanced table settings page.
QBE014099 Super users can no longer test as a user in sandbox or live apps unless they have been invited to that app.
QBE014115 We fixed an issue with the display of quotation marks in the email report dialog.
QBE014133 We fixed an issue with sort by record ID for CSV.
QBE014142 We updated the description under app delete for the live app when sandbox is enabled.
QBE014146 We fixed an issue with displaying a chart with a continuous x-axis with no data.
QBE014159 When you delete a sandbox, you no longer see an error message.
QBE014161 We fixed an issue where app admins were unable to make a sandbox that included data if IP filtering was enabled.
QBE014167 We no longer allow reminders and subscriptions to be converted from public to private in a sandbox.
QBE014181 The e-mail sent to request permission to a sandbox app now specifies that it is the sandbox version and not the live app.
QBE014182 In sandbox, we now number each item in your list of changes so this number can be used to communicate if there’s an error with a change.
QBE014325 We fixed an issue with file attachment storage not reflecting the actual size.
QBE014397 We fixed an issue with using checkbox fields as a filter criteria in an automation action.
QBE014403 We fixed an issue with the display of a super user who has been disabled.

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