November 2017 Release Notes

November 2017 Release Notes The November release of Quick Base is here to simplify getting your work done. The mobile experience has been revamped with a new user interface and the availability of calendar reports. You can now email report subscriptions as an attached PDF or CSV file. Create a waterfall chart with your financial data. Filtering options for custom permissions, table imports, and summary fields are more flexible. Read on for more or download these release notes in Word format. Updated November 8, 2017 New mobile experience Quick Base mobile has a whole new look and feel to provide better legibility, more consistency, and improved usability. Sign-in screen App navigation Mobile calendar reports Calendar reports are now available on mobile. Report subscriptions now include PDF and CSV email options When creating or updating a report subscription, you can now choose to email the report as an attached PDF or CSV file. New waterfall chart type Now you can choose a waterfall chart type for reporting your data. A waterfall can be useful to illustrate the cumulative effect of changing data, typically to show financial changes due to positive and negative values. The sample below shows the settings to create or update a waterfall chart: Here is a sample waterfall chart in Quick Base: More options to set conditions for custom permissions, table imports, and summary fields This release adds more condition-building capability to three areas in Quick Base: Custom permissions Import from table Summary fields You now have more options to add multiple and/any conditions, and to nest conditions. The image below shows an in-progress example of creating conditions for a custom permission, based on specific field values: Form properties now include option to show Save and close and Cancel buttons You can choose to have additional Save and close and Cancel buttons appear at the end of forms. A new “Show Save and close and Cancel buttons at the end of this form” setting appears on the Properties tab for each form, for example: Viewing field comments Our October 2017 release added a new Comments tab in field settings. App builders can add free-form, plain text comments (up to 500 characters in length) as notes to each field. Adding these comments to each field can let app builders document or notate the purpose of some or all fields. The November release adds an icon to the fields page, indicating fields that include comments. You can hover over the comments icon to read the comments for each field. Or, if you want to use a dedicated column to indicate fields with comments, you can edit the Advanced Options for the fields page. External authentication ID information added to realm Directory tab To help with troubleshooting authentication issues, the Directory tab now includes a column displaying the external authentication ID for each user. The new External Auth ID column appears on the Directory tab for realms using single sign-on (SSO). New content added to Quick Base University We recently added the following new content: Fundamental Series FF02: Quick Base and Database Basics This review of fundamental database topics will help you understand how Quick Base can streamline and optimize your organization's data. FF05: Building an App - Start with Tables and Fields In this course, you will learn to build a new app from scratch based on the app diagram developed in our new Best Practices series. You'll add tables and fields for and populate records with data. FF06: Building an App - Adding Relationships Relationships are key to managing and reporting your data. In this course we discuss what relationships are and how they work. Then we build a few relationships to see them in action and along the way define some key terms and features. New Best Practice Series Our new Best Practice series guides you through planning, designing, and deploying successful apps. You'll learn how to understand business processes, create a solid project team, design for efficiency, and follow a rock-solid implementation plan. Coming in December: Quick Base Certification We’re getting ready to launch a new Quick Base Certification program! For app builders: The Quick Base Certification Program validates your knowledge of the platform, adds credibility to your builder expertise, enhances your business impact, and bolsters your career. For your organization: The Quick Base Certification Program makes it easier to recruit and develop qualified builders. It ensures that your builders can confidently create effective apps aligned with your business goals, using best practices. More information coming soon! Access eLearning from the MyApps page or directly at Also in this release When using the formula editor for field properties and report building, long lines automatically wrap to the next line. The report settings page now includes a Delete Report link. When customizing an existing report, you can choose to delete the report from the settings page. Also, if the report has any existing subscriptions, a dialog appears confirming the deletion of the report and its subscriptions. In App Properties, there is an updated dialog for adding apps used for cross-application relationships. The “Send email invitation” link no longer appears when sharing an app with “Everyone on the Internet,” because no email is sent in this case. Multi-select field limits increase to 100 choices per field, with a maximum of 60 characters per choice, up from the current 50 choices and 40 characters. When using a field to enter data, selections allowed per field remains the same at 20. What’s fixed in Quick Base? We continue to focus on quality. Below are the issues we fixed this month. Note: Platform security, billing changes, back-end tooling, and performance are all ongoing commitments and as such, each release may include changes in these areas. Issue ID Description QBE008210 A report with a syntax error in a calculated column could be saved without an error message appearing. This has been fixed so that an error message appears during saving, alerting the user about the syntax error in the calculated column. QBE011407 If an app name contained an apostrophe, there were issues printing charts correctly when clicking the Print icon. This has been fixed. QBE011523 An ampersand character in table names appeared as the & character entity in options for notifications and reminders. The ampersand character now appears correctly. QBE011595 If you used Grid Edit and clicked Save without making any changes, a blank status message would appear. The status message has been corrected to say, "No changes made." QBE011661 An app with a date format set to DDMMYYYY would have incorrect dates shown in messages for webhooks and actions. This has been fixed. QBE011663 When using Grid Edit to add records to a table, duration fields with a default value are now saved correctly. Previously the default value was not saved. QBE011682 The Copy Table link no longer appears for connected tables. QBE011691 When copying a table, report link fields are now correctly included in the new table. QBE011735 Fixes an issue where the formula builder was not recognizing a field that uses the character string +/- as the first part of the field name. QBE011785 When editing a formula, the contrast highlighting of parentheses and brackets has been improved to be more distinct and legible. QBE011790 Mobile only. Corrects an issue with the Cancel button not functioning after adding one record and saving via the Save and New button. QBE011796 If tabbed form included an empty tab (with no elements appearing or hidden) and was set to have information appear above the tabs, the Save and close and Cancel buttons did not display correctly at the end of the empty tab. This has been fixed. QBE011806 Fixes a display issue with the Save and close and Cancel buttons appearing at the end of forms that use an address field with a section heading. QBE011810 Focus now returns correctly to the formula editor after choosing a value from the fields and functions drop-down list. QBE011821 Extraneous line breaks are no longer added to the comments for a field when editing multiple lines. QBE011822 The size of the formula editor has been adjusted after accessing the properties of a formula field via Form settings. QBE011823 Fixes a display issue with Save and close and Cancel buttons on forms with sections set to be collapsed by default. QBE011858 Resolves an issue displaying the formula editor for field properties and report building. QBE011861 Mobile only. Corrects a report pagination issue when viewing a table home page, conducting a search, and switching between mobile and full site modes.

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