November 2018

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Our November release spotlights features to meet the high governance, visibility, and security standards IT demands. Admins can now:
  • View app schema changes in audit logs
  • Take advantage of customer-hosted encryption keys

We’re also spotlighting:

  • A new build-together option for creating apps
  • A new way to color-code reports


Audit logs: View schema changes

Included with Platform and above plans with 6 months of data retention. Available as an add-on for Premier plans.

Now realm admins can view audit logs for creating and deleting apps, tables, fields, and relationships.

sample audit log showing app schema changes

The schema change logs are available to all admins with access to audit logs.

As part of this release, we also significantly improved the performance of audit logs.

Customer-hosted encryption keys

Quick Base currently encrypts all customer data at rest (data stored on our servers) using best-in-class AES 256-bit encryption key hosted by us. Recently, we released an Advanced Data Encryption feature that gives customers more control over how data is encrypted at rest using a unique customer-specific encryption key. The initial configuration of this feature allowed you to have your unique encryption key hosted by Quick Base that could be rotated by you on your own schedule from within the Admin Console.

With this release, you can now bring your own encryption key (BYOK) that’s hosted in your AWS Key Management System (KMS). Many organizations use a centralized key management system to create and control encryption keys for their various enterprise applications. This second configuration of the Advanced Data Encryption feature gives you more control so you can comply with any external regulatory policies as well as internal security standards.

If you are interested in this feature, contact your customer success manager or account executive.

New option for creating apps

We’ve enhanced our app-creation experience. When creating an app, you can choose Build together and step through starting an app that directly relates to the problem you’re trying to solve.

This new feature helps tailor your app creation to items specific to your business need. You step through questions related to your situation and make choices that result in an app that will track exactly what you need.

New way to color-code reports

Set simple color coding for your reports quickly and easily with a basic palette of colors chosen to display well in the Quick Base user interface and behind text.

Simplified color coding is available for text and email fields on table, Kanban, and calendar reports.

New way to color-code:

new color picker in report builder

Sample report:

sample color-coded report

Default colors will be automatically assigned for up to 10 choices, along with automatic color assignments for common key words such as “high,” “medium,” and “low.” You can change any of the automatic assignments to fit what you want.

Report builders can also continue to create formulas for more complex reports by selecting Write a formula.


Easier API import capability

You can now update records via API_ImportFromCSV without needing to provide values for the key field. Instead, provide values for any field marked Must be unique.

Your integration scripts will no longer need to transform imported data which doesn’t include your key field values. This means those scripts are simpler, easier for you to build and maintain, and will ultimately be more reliable for your users. This may also help simplify your app by removing the need to change your key field to something other than Record ID#. Read more about improved API importing on the Community site.

New user interface for creating actions in Quick Base Automations

For Quick Base Automations, we improved the way you select fields and specify values for your new or modified records when creating an action. With our new flow, you first select the field, then choose the source of the value for this field, such as type a value or copy a value from another record, then type and/or select the value.

new user interface for automations actions

We also improved the look and feel of the placeholders that show where field values will be inserted when your automation runs and clarified the language on the page.

Quick Base Automations: Modify records as a bulk action and IP filtering

We continue to improve Quick Base Automations. This month, we are updating how modify records actions work and making it possible for organizations that use IP filtering to use Automations.

Modify records action

Beginning Nov. 21, Modify records actions in an Automation will edit records in bulk instead of one at a time. This will make your automations significantly more efficient and prevent some “rate threshold limit” errors from happening when you have an automation that triggers another automation.

Note:If you are using a modify action to trigger email notifications with a custom message, you should make sure the notification is set up to properly use the multiple record version of the email notification. More about setting up multiple record notifications.

IP filtering

Beginning Nov. 21, organizations that use IP filtering can now use Quick Base automations.

Improved display for columns on the Admin Console Users page

The Users page on the Admin Console displays many different columns of information about users. Realm and account admins can now choose which columns they would like to display.

We’ve also added horizontal scroll to the grid on the Users page for easier viewing. The first 3 columns are fixed: First Name, Last Name, and Email address.

COMING SOON--Early access

We currently have the following early access opportunities available:

Type-ahead search picker

Early access continues for our type-ahead search for selecting parent records. Type for a powerful search of all the data used to select a related record. Continue typing to further narrow your search results.

type ahead search picker preview

To participate, please open a support case.

Quick Base Sync: Deleting records from a connected table

If you have a connected table using QB Sync, you have the option of selecting Keep everything in my table and add new records. With this option, new records will be added to your connected table in Quick Base from your data source, modified records will be updated, and no records will be deleted, even if data is deleted from the source.

Currently users cannot manually delete data from a connected table in Quick Base. We are working on allowing users to manually delete data from connected tables that use the Keep everything in my table and add new records option.

For example, if your Quick Base connected table tracks customer communications with sales reps and pulls in data from Gmail, and you have enabled the keep everything option, you cannot currently delete old data from your Quick Base table. Later this year, you will be able to.

Note: When deleting records manually becomes available, it will be available to all users of your app who have delete records permissions. You may want to review your permissions.

To participate in early access for this feature, please open a support case.


New home for Quick Base Release Notes

Starting in December, we will be publishing our monthly release notes as part of our online help at, so that product updates are better integrated with overall product guidance.

Improved design for Quick Base Help

Quick Base Help at will soon have a cleaner, more modern look that is consistent with our product. This redesign is part of a larger effort to revamp our user assistance to make it easier to find the guidance you’re looking for.

Here’s a preview of Quick Base Help using a new design that we're working on:

The redesign also will provide a richer experience for mobile and tablet devices:


  • The new My Apps experience is now the default for Quick Base users. The toggle that was temporarily available to switch back to the old experience has been removed. The new My Apps experience now also includes the ability to search against the app description along with the app name.
  • Now, realm admins can specify the maximum number of apps that can be assigned to a given user token on the Policies page of the Admin Console. This feature is available for Platform and above plans.


We continue to focus on quality. Below are the issues we fixed this month.

Note: Platform security, billing changes, back-end tooling, and performance are all ongoing commitments. Each release may include changes in these areas.

Issue IDDescription
QBE012986Kanban report columns now display correctly without unnecessary duplicate columns caused by case sensitivity.
QBE010769We improved an error message for QB Sync. Now, if a CSV file contains invalid characters, the error message will identify the location of the first invalid character.

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