Barcode scanning in Quick Base mobile app

Now you can scan barcodes using the Quick Base mobile app. A barcode can be scanned into any place a user can enter text.

To start using barcode scanning, update to the latest version of the Quick Base mobile app. The Android version will be available in the Google Play Store on November 15, 2019. The iOS version will be available in the Apple App Store on November 18, 2019.

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Performance Profiler enhancements

The Performance Profiler now displays data on:

  • Form rules that run when a form is loaded
  • CSV exports
New links to Visual Builder in Settings

With this release, you can edit existing apps using Visual Builder via two new links: one on app settings and one on every table settings page. Note the existing link on the App Management page has been removed in favor of these new links.

Import data into a connected table

You can now use the Import/Export option to import data from a file or the clipboard into existing or new non-connected fields of a connected table. Only an import that updates existing records can be performed. New records cannot be added and connected fields cannot be updated by the import. A composite refresh key cannot be used as the merge field for the import.

Plan ahead: New Sandbox to be released in December

The December 15 release will include our new Sandbox, which allows builders to modify a Quick Base app in a safe environment and publish those changes directly to the live app

If you are using the existing Sandbox, you’ll need to plan ahead. Changes that are only in the existing Sandbox will not be moved into the new Sandbox. To prevent losing your changes, move them to the live app before the December 15 release.

New format for release notes

Starting with this month’s release notes, we are introducing these changes:

  • We’re streamlining the list of feature changes to provide a more concise, easy-to-scan listing of what’s in each release.
  • Via new posts in the Quick Base Community, we’ll provide more in-depth coverage of key new features, explaining how the changes can help you with Quick Base, identifying the use cases features are designed for, and providing examples how features should be used. This month, we’ll have a posting on barcode scanning with the Quick Base mobile app available Tuesday, November 19, after the release goes live on November 17.

We continue to focus on quality. Below are the issues we fixed this month.

Note: Platform security, billing changes, back-end tooling, and performance are all ongoing commitments. Each release may include changes in these areas.

Issue Description
QBE010805 We improved the error message that appears when a connected table refresh fails due to a missing field in a source Quick Base table. When a manual refresh is attempted, the message now identifies which connected field uses the missing field. Deleting the connected field will allow the table to refresh successfully.
QBE011036 Fixes an error that could sometimes occur when the Inbox Summary by Conversation set of messages is used for a Gmail connected table. The error was “The source data includes non-unique key values, the column value(s) from the source query that correspond to the destination key column(s) must be unique.”
QBE011371 We improved the error message that appears when an invalid UTF-8 character in a field name keeps a new connected table from being created or keeps new connected fields from being added to an existing connected table.
QBE013856 Fixes a browser console error that occurred after creating an app from scratch.
QBE013862 Report field headers were misaligned when scrolling side to side. This has been fixed.
QBE013893 For reports including user field data, improves performance when saving the report as a spreadsheet.
QBE013902 There was an issue where an error loop could occur during new app creation due to an expired page token in the browser. This has been fixed.
QBE013913 Fixes an issue with intermittent expiring sign-in sessions in the mobile app.
QBE013914 For home pages that used more than one rich text widget, this issue corrects editing and saving issues that occurred.
QBE013927 Fixes an issue with including URL links in rich text widgets on home pages.
QBE013933 Creating or customizing a report produces a frozen or slow-loading page. This has been fixed.
QBE013936 Corrects a cosmetic issue with the table icon dialog.

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