October 2017 Release Notes

October 2017 Release Notes QUICK BASE NEWS Oct 5, 2017 Our October release of Quick Base has it all! You can try out a powerful new administration option, "Super User," add builder notes to your fields, include more information on tabbed forms, and make on-the-fly changes to reports on your table home page. Plus we have new navigation features for reports and home pages, a user token option for connected tables, updates to mobile dashboards and records, and more. Updated 10/25/2017. Super user option available Platform and Unlimited plans only Platform and Unlimited plan customers who have set up enterprise realms now have a new option to improve governance: super users. Super users have full control—at the app manager level—of every app in your account or realm. If super users are realm admins, they have full control of every app in every account in the realm. This means that super users can access all apps, with the exception of private apps. Super users can verify that certain types of data are not being stored in any of your apps and make changes to apps when needed. Important: Appointing a super user is an important and sensitive task, because super users have wide-ranging access to your apps and data. Super users will need guidance on appropriate app access for your organization. Realm admins can appoint up to five super users. Only realm admins or account admins with full management privileges can be designated as super users. If apps contain data that should be restricted for legal, compliance, or regulatory reasons, realm admins can make them private, which will deny access to super users. Super users are listed with on the Manage Users page in each app so that they are visible to people with permission to manage users in the app. The super user entries on this page cannot be edited or removed. Note: This feature will be turned off by default for existing customers. Realm admins should have received information about how to request access to this feature. If you are a realm admin and did not receive this information, please contact us. New options for building fields, forms, and tables This release includes enhancements for adding builder notes to fields, working with tabs on forms, and copying tables in an app. Keep track of changes to your app with comments in field settings Provide context by placing info above the tabs on your forms Copy tables directly from the table list page Keep track of changes to your app with comments in field settings A new Comments tab appears in field settings. App builders can now add free-form, plain text comments (up to 500 characters in length) as notes to each field. Adding these comments to each field can let app builders document or notate the purpose of some or all fields. On the fields page, a new column appears indicating fields that include comments. You can hover over the comments icon to read the comments for each field. New Comments tab for fields Provide context by placing info above the tabs on your forms To provide context to your users when adding and editing records, you can now select fields to appear above tabs on your forms. For example, if you create a form to add records to your Contacts table, you could opt to show the name, title, and phone number of the contact above the tabs where users enter basic information, company information, and activities for that contact. To set which fields appear above tabs, go to Form properties by adding the field and then moving it to the top above the first tab. Copy tables directly from the table list page In September, we added the ability to copy a table. Now you can access this feature directly from the list of tables by clicking the copy icon on the right-hand side. Build reports and home pages more easily with new navigation features Create reports and customize home pages more quickly and easily using the following new navigation features: Add/hide columns on table home pages Reports sorted alphabetically in Override role settings by report New Customize this report link for reports with Ask the user filters Show summary table and hide main table checkboxes appear when you select grouping for a report Reports now grouped by table when customizing home page report, button bar, and link widgets "Go to a report" choice for New records option on home page button bars Add/hide columns on table home pages Focus in on just the information you want on your table home page by hiding and adding columns. Hover over the column heading and select hide this column or add column from the drop down. Note: Changes are temporary; if you close the app or table and re-open it, the table home page will revert to the previous set of columns. Reports sorted alphabetically in Override role settings by report One way you can give your users just the report they need is with the Override role settings by report option. Click SETTINGS from the table home page and select Forms. Click Override role settings by report. The list now appears alphabetically. To reverse sort the list, click the arrow next to Report. New Customize this report link for reports with Ask the user filters The Ask the user filter allows you to create dynamic reports where the user can set their own criteria, such as choosing which Project Manager to view data for or filtering for a date range, such as project start dates within the past three months. An additional Customize this Report link makes it easier for you to create reports with this filter. If you create a report with a Project Manager ask the user filter and decide after clicking Save that you would like to add a filter for Region, you can click Customize this Report, quickly go back, and add the additional filter. Fields with dropdown lists are a great fit for the Ask the user filter. Show summary table and hide main table checkboxes now appear when you select grouping When creating a table report, the show summary table and hide main table checkboxes now appear after you select sort and group on a field, since these options only work if you are grouping records. Initial view View after selecting sort or group on other columns Reports now grouped by table when customizing home page report, button bar, and link widgets When adding report, button, or link widgets to an app home page, you may decide to search for a report. Now these report search results remain grouped by table so that you can identify the report you want more easily. Searching for a report to add to a button widget: Searching for a report to add to a report widget: "Go to a report" choice for New records option on home page button bars When creating or editing a home page button bar, the New Record settings now include a choice of Go to a report. Choose Go to a report: Then select the report you want: Connected tables now support user token authentication for Quick Base apps When creating or editing a table that connects to data in another Quick Base app, you can now choose to authenticate via user token. Note: Using a user token for authentication is now the recommended method. When creating or editing a connected table, you can choose User token as an authentication type, for example: View charts on mobile dashboards Quickly view your most important information at a glance with charts that now display on mobile dashboards. Work with records more quickly from mobile reports Save time with these changes to working with records on mobile. When you tap a record, you’ll go directly to a form where you can add and edit data by clicking the menu in the top right-hand corner. Tap a record on a report Work with the record In addition, table reports have been re-designed with a larger font and improved colors, plus phone numbers, emails, and URLs are now “clickable” links in mobile reports. New content added to Quick Base University We recently added the following new content to our eLearning available on Quick Base University. FF05: Building an App - Start with Tables and Fields Learn the fundamental steps of creating a Quick Base App from scratch. New Best Practices Series This new series of courses outlines best practices for planning an app before you begin to build it. Our new offerings in this series are: B02: Best Practices - Planning Your App Define the who, what, how and why of your app will help you get buy-in and act as a guidepost during development. B03: Best Practices - Mapping Your Business Process Define your business process and workflow and use a structured method to map a process. Access eLearning from the MyApps page or directly at https://university.quickbase.com/ Also in this release On your account management page, you can purchase registrations for our annual conference, EMPOWER2018, June 4-7 in Austin, Texas. We upgraded to the version 5.0.14 of Highcharts for charts. We added instructional text to the copy table dialog box to let users know that “Permissions and table home page settings will need to be re-set.” To make it easier to navigate between role and user settings, a Manage Users link now appears in the top right of the Roles page for each app: And in the works…new rich text options for fields We are working on adding rich text editing options for fields. This month, we’re beginning to test these features. Contact enablerichtext@quickbase.com if you’re interested in early access to this feature at your organization. Below are highlights of this new feature in action. When creating a new field, choose Rich Text. When using a desktop browser to create or edit a record, a rich text editor appears so users can format content, add links, insert images, create rich text tables, and so on. The rich text toolbar also provides a source editor option, as shown here: What’s fixed in Quick Base? What’s fixed in Quick Base? We continue to focus on quality. Here are the issues we fixed this month. Platform security, billing changes, back-end tooling, and performance are all ongoing commitments and as such, each release may include changes in these areas. Issue ID Description QBE010568 When a user creates a checkbox field and sets it to read only via the form property, add/edit/view forms now correctly show checked/unchecked for this field. QBE011524 We fixed an issue with the width of the right-click menu on forms after right-clicking on a field with a long name. QBE011568 Report headers now appear and float correctly on the first and subsequent pages of a report. QBE011598 You can no longer enter a table name that contains only spaces. QBE011642 We fixed a broken More about syntax errors link in an error message that appears when a formula is created with a syntax error. QBE011665 Mobile only. Searches now work properly when you use a search widget on a mobile home page that has the Search in value set to A report. QBE011723 Chart icons now appear correctly when organizing reports and charts. QBE011731 Fixes a display issue with Google Chrome following printing a chart. QBE011733 Mobile only. The Save and Cancel buttons no longer wrap on the top and bottom of the page on mobile. QBE011737 Table home pages now accurately display results for reports using Ask the user filters. QBE011738 Mobile only. In table reports, when you tap to view a record, the link to return to the report has been updated to match the table home page name. QBE011741 Fixes a display issue with Google Chrome following printing a chart. QBE011769 Mobile only. When editing a record with a multi-select field that allows new choices to be added, a dialog box now appears for entry of the new choice. QBE011774 Mobile only.ical and vcard download links now work properly on mobile.

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