October 2018 release notes

We’re continuing to deliver on our core themes of Simplicity, Trust, and Power. This month we’re spotlighting:

• A new experience that simplifies creating table-to-table relationships

• Detailed data change logs that are HIPAA compliant

• An updated Zapier connector that lets you create powerful integrations


New experience for creating table-to-table relationships

A new dialog for creating table-to-table relationships provides more guidance, a clean modern interface, and the ability to add up to eight lookup fields when first creating a relationship.

Image of selecting a type of table-to-table relationship

We’re including a toggle to allow you to use the current experience if necessary:

For new builders creating a relationship for the first time, we’ve added more guidance right within Quick Base. In Settings, builders get guidance before they start:

Image of guidance content before you create a relationship

If a builder chooses to learn more, we’re including new guidance on what relationships are and why they are essential for an app. Here are two example screens:

In the new experience, we’re starting to use the more common terms “parent table” and “child table” when creating and working with relationships. These terms replace “master table” and “details table.” You’ll also see the new terms parent and child when editing an existing relationship, for example:

Image of change to Parent table and child table terminology

Note: You may still see references to “master table” and “details table” elsewhere in Quick Base as we introduce this terminology change throughout.

Audit Logs: View details of data changes

Included with Platform and above plans with 6 months of data retention. Available as an add-on for Premier plans.

We’re providing admins with increased visibility into what’s happening at the app level with the ability to view details of add, edit, and delete data changes in audit logs. The change log feature is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

When auditing is enabled at both the app and field level, realm admins can view data changes in their audit logs and select each change for more detail. If existing data was updated, the old and new values display side by side.

Tracking of data changes will be off by default. Realm admins can enable audit logs for up to 20 apps per realm from the current Apps page of the Admin Console.

Then, app admins can select up to 20 fields per table to track for data changes by selecting This field will be tracked for audit purposes in field properties. Formula and summary fields are not supported.

The data change logs are available to all admins with access to audit logs.

Updated Zapier connector

Zapier is a third-party integration service that lets you connect Quick Base with over 1,000 cloud apps. Zapier moves info between web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work. With Zapier, you can automate your personal workflows with tools such as Google Calendar, Mailchimp, and Typeform. For example, you can

Add a new event to your Google Calendar when a record is added to Quick Base

Create a new record in Quick Base when someone completes a Typeform survey

Among the improvements with the new connector are

A better “New Record” trigger that lets you specify which records should set a Zap in motion. The improved trigger reduces the number of Zaps that have to run.

An improved search with more detailed criteria for finding records

User token support that makes integrations more secure and easier to maintain

All your existing Zaps will remain unchanged and will use the old connector; they will be marked as “legacy.” Going forward, all new Zaps will use the new connector.

Note: To use the Quick Base connector, you will need a separate account through Zapier.

Quick Base Automations: Link in table settings and improved criteria setting

Link on Table Settings page

Now you can find Automations more easily with a link on the Table Settings page as well as the App Settings page.

Improved criteria setting

As part of specifying criteria in Automations actions and triggers, you can now choose value in the field and select a field of the same type from the table. This allows you to compare two fields and makes criteria setting in automations similar to report builder and notifications.

Image of value in a field added to criteria building in automations

Improved reliability

Starting in November, the modify records action in an Automation will now edit records in bulk instead of one at a time. This will make your automations significantly more efficient and prevent some “rate threshold limit” errors from happening when you have an automation that triggers another automation. Note: If you are using a modify action to trigger email notifications with a custom message, you should make sure the notification is set up to properly use the multiple record version of the email notification. More about setting up multiple record notifications.

To prevent unintended looping of actions, webhooks, and automations, we introduced a new automatic shut-off mechanism that will disable any automation that is part of a loop. After 99 prior actions, webhooks, or automations have been called, the automation will be disabled and the counter will reset. This change is unlikely to affect your app as this kind of unintended looping rarely occurs. For example, if Automation A triggers Automation B, which in turn triggers Automation A to run again, Automation A will be automatically disabled after Automation A and B run 50 times.


Early access

We currently have the following early access opportunity available:

Type-ahead search picker

Early access continues for our type-ahead search for selecting parent records. Type for a powerful search of all the data used to select a related record. Continue typing to further narrow your search results.

To participate, please open a support case.

Sneak Peeks

Improved user interface for Automations actions

We’ve been working to improve the user experience of creating Quick Base Automations. Specifically, we’ve been focusing on improving the way you select fields and specify values for your new or modified records when creating an action. Coming later this fall, look for a new flow where you first select the field, then choose the source of the value for this field, such as “type a value” or “copy a value from another record,” then type and/or select the value.

Image showing improved user interface for automations selecting fields and specifying values

We’re also improving the look and feel of the placeholders that show where field values will be inserted when your automation runs and clarifying the language on the page.

Quick Base Sync: Deleting records from a connected table

If you have a connected table using QB Sync, you have the option of selecting Keep everything in my table and add new records. With this option, new records will be added to your connected table in Quick Base from your data source, modified records will be updated, and no records will be deleted, even if data is deleted from the source.

Currently users cannot manually delete data from a connected table in Quick Base. We are working on allowing users to manually delete data from connected tables that use the Keep everything in my table and add new records option.

For example, if your Quick Base connected table tracks customer communications with sales reps and pulls in data from Gmail, and you have enabled the keep everything option, you cannot currently delete old data from your Quick Base table. Later this year, you will be able to.

Note: When deleting records manually becomes available, it will be available to all users of your app who have delete records permissions. You may want to review your permissions.

New My Apps page for all

Coming in our November 2018 release, we plan to make the new My Apps experience the default for Quick Base users. Currently there is a toggle allowing users to switch between the old and new My Apps page; this toggle will be removed in the November 2018 release.

Improved design for Quick Base Help

Quick Base Help will soon have a cleaner, more modern look that is consistent with our product.

image of redesigned Quick Base help

This redesign is part of a larger effort to revamp our user assistance to make it easier to find the guidance you’re looking for.

New home for Release Notes

Starting in December 2018, we will be publishing release notes on our help site so that product updates are better integrated with product guidance.


For form rules, we are increasing the limit for referencing derived fields, such as lookup fields and formula fields, from 20 to 40, so that builders can even better customize their forms to fit their teams’ process.

User IDs uniquely identify each user in a realm. Now, when admins download a CSV file of their user list from the Users page of the Admin Console, it will include user IDs.

The University Blog: Check out the October Blog Post for our new course offerings along with a helpful tip on getting the most out of Kanban reports.


We continue to focus on quality. Below are the issues we fixed this month.

Note: Platform security, billing changes, back-end tooling, and performance are all ongoing commitments. Each release may include changes in these areas.

Issue ID Description

QBE012803 We fixed an issue where some automations would fail and send an error message referencing an internal server error or a handshake error.

QBE012850 Errors from modify and delete actions in automations now display correctly.

QBE012866 We fixed an issue where the additional criteria section sometimes did not display in automations, causing fields to display as invalid.

QBE012923 Kanban reports now work correctly when a column name contains a period.

QBE012925 We fixed an issue with Quick Base Sync where scheduled refreshes with a connected table for Gmail sometimes failed and generated an “invalid credentials” error message.

QBE012937 Available choices now display correctly for multiple-choice fields in modify or delete actions in automations.

QBE012948 We improved the speed with which the menu loads on mobile devices.

QBE012949 We fixed an issue with the display of the final menu item on mobile devices.

QBE012953 We removed redundant icons in the search menu on mobile devices.

The October product release is October 14, 2018.

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