Formula queries

Formula queries are now available to all customers. This new feature allows formulas to query and aggregate data across records and even unrelated tables in the same app.

With formula queries, you can do things like:

  • Find duplicate records in a table

  • Keep track of running totals

  • Autonumber records

  • Create advanced calculations, like identifying company holidays within a certain period of time

  • Create advanced report filters

  • Create fields with outputs similar to lookup summary fields without creating additional table relationships

A single Quickbase formula can span 100 million cells of information, leveraging the power of our purpose-built in-memory database to deliver actionable information. Over the last few months, we've improved our formula language, making it more powerful and flexible than ever before.

To maintain consistency, we are renaming the GetCellValues function to GetFieldValues. For those who implemented GetCellValues during the beta program, there will be a transition period to migrate before we retire GetCellValues at the end of 2021.

For additional information, check out:

New timeline report style

After the October release, all timeline reports will use the new style by default on report and table home pages. This new timeline style allows users to take advantage of many new features like resizable columns, column filters, and row colorization.

You can still toggle off the new style on a report-by-report basis.

Automation to Pipelines Migration tool: Copy Records

We now support copying records in the Automations migration tool, so you can migrate automations that use copy records to Pipelines. Now, the Automations migrations tool can convert every action in automations.

For more information on how to use this feature, see our online help article on Automation Migration.

Changes to Quickbase feedback

We are changing the platform we use to collect product feedback to ensure we provide the best experience possible. We'll be rolling out this change out to all customers in the weeks following the October release.

At that time, you'll see a new icon on the My Apps page:

After clicking this icon, you’ll see any requests you’ve previously submitted on UserVoice and can rank each to let us know which requests are most important. You can no longer add new requests or feedback to UserVoice after October 7, 2021, but this platform will remain in read-only mode until October 31, 2021. If you've submitted feedback that didn't meet our criteria for automatic migration that's still important to you, please re-create those requests in our new platform.

New Pipelines Channel: Formstack Forms

All customers can now leverage Formstack Forms from their Quickbase applications. Read more about the Formstack channel and how to use it in our Formstack help center article.


Mobile workflow enhancements

The following features are now available on the mobile website and mobile app:

  • iFrames on a form when set in a formula url field

  • data-autosave=true can now be used in formula rich text fields to force the record to bypass the save prompt

  • Note: This feature must be used for mobile, as the “Auto save when redirected away from the page” setting only applies to the full site.

  • Formula URL controls to launch a link in a popup are now supported for a mobile browser

  • The following new CSS classes and attributes (introduced earlier this year) now translate to mobile with slight differences in behavior.

    • data-height/data-width (mobile web only)

    • data-OpenAsPopup (mobile web only)

    • data-replaceRid

    • SaveBeforeNavigating (when in the mobile app, will function only when navigating to *.quickbase.com URLs)

  • data-refresh (mobile web only)

Note: Popups in the mobile web are treated as a new tab, and are not supported in the mobile app. If optimizing for the mobile app, builders should use page navigations instead of popups.

Improved performance of user operations

Quickbase has improved performance of all operations that involve lookups of users, including:

  • Bulk user operations, like those found on the Manage Users page

  • Interactions with User and List-User fields

  • Formulas that convert between users and email addresses

Note that changes to user profiles, or invitations of new users, may take up to an hour to reflect in an app. Learn more about limits in our help center article.

Enhancements to Formula Rich Text fields

Builders can now use data-autosave=true in a formula rich text formula to override the auto-save setting in table settings.

My pipelines page: Search filters preserved after leaving the page

When you enter a search value or a filter in the “My pipelines” page, leave the page and then return to it, your filters are preserved and still valid.

My pipelines page: View pipeline type in the grid

You can now see what the type of the pipeline is in the “My pipelines” page grid. These types include:

  • Draft: This pipeline is incomplete

  • Scheduled: This pipeline runs at a set time

  • Manual: This pipeline runs when manually started. It can as well be scheduled to run automatically on a certain schedule

  • Triggered: This pipeline is triggered by an event in real-time

Platform analytics user reads summary

You can now view a summary of user reads. To access this, click View user reads in the user reads section of the platform analytics page. Learn how we measure user reads in our help center.

Quickbase channel: Non-English characters

This channel now provides UTF-8 support for non-English characters.

Beta opportunities

Feature Description status how to participate
Lucidchart integration

The ability to build your database diagrams (ERDs) in Lucidchart, export it using the Quickbase option, and then import that diagram into Quickbase to create your app.

Open Beta

You can import from Lucidchart as an additional option when you create a new app. See complete instructions for this feature in our help center.

Report settings panel – Kanban Update report settings more quickly for your Kanban reports using our new report settings panel. Beta Sign up in our early access app. Select Building Apps under Program Area.
Pipelines certification exam The beta for the new exam starts now and there is still an opportunity to participate. Beta Email Quickbase University to sign up.



What’s fixed in Quickbase

We continue to focus on quality. Below are the issues we fixed this month.

Note: Platform security, billing changes, back-end tooling, and performance are all ongoing commitments. Each release may include changes in these areas.

Issue Area affected Description
QBE016030 New table report style When a user sorted a new style table report, entered grid edit, and customized the report, the report type would change to grid edit, and not offer a way to change it back.
QBE016123 New table report style The sort option controls in table headers were not accessible by keyboard.
QBE016143 New table report style When you sorted a column in the new table report and attempted to use keyboard navigation, tab and shift + tab would leave the grid and focus between the last dynamic filter and first pagination icon.
QBE016124 REST API We rolled back a change that affected some users’ ability to get temporary tokens.
QBE016144 REST API The responses for getReport and getTableReports in the dataSource property now return a JSON array instead of JSON objects for gauge, pie, funnel and bubble charts. Now, the property is named dataSources and returns as single-item array.
QBE016150 Pipelines A failure occurred when some users used UTF-8 characters in a Quickbase channel step.
QBE016149 Pipelines Some scheduled pipelines were not running properly.
QBE016178 Pipelines Automation migration dates did not display correctly in Safari.
QBE016185 Account management When you attempted to transfer an app to a person with no explicit app creation permissions, you received an error and the transfer failed.
QBE016121 Quickbase Sync Now, Quickbase Sync uses NetSuite SOAP 2019.2 for connections to NetSuite. When your Quickbase NetSuite connection first attempts to use 2019.2, an integration record for Quickbase Sync is created in your NetSuite instance. If the NetSuite instance requires approval during the auto-installation of an integration record, your NetSuite administrator must enable the Quickbase Sync integration record for the connection to work.



Feature retirements

LDAP for single sign-on — end of life

On October 15 2021, the LDAP for single sign-on feature reaches end of life, meaning that it is no longer available to any Quickbase user. Read more about this in our community post.

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