September 2017 Release Notes

September 2017 Release Notes QUICK BASE NEWS Sep 7, 2017 17 Min Read Quick Base September Release Notes Gear up for fall with a release that’s packed with new features. Copy tables, send reminder emails using new recipient options, choose map types on forms, build formulas more easily, and much more. Updated 10/17/17 To learn first hand from Quick Base Customer Success Managers about new product enhancements and have the opportunity to get your questions answered, sign up for the September Release Notes Webinar. Save time by copying tables One table may solve many different business problems. Now you can create a table once and copy it multiple times—either within your app or to other apps. To copy a table to another app, you must be an app manager for both apps. Copying a table carries over the structure, home page, record title, forms, reports, charts, record picker settings, and advanced settings, along with automated email, webhooks, and actions. No relationships or reference fields are copied. Permissions and table home page settings will need to be re-set. To copy a table, go to More from the table home page and select Copy table from the dropdown. Choose which app to copy the table to and add names for the table and record. You can also copy the data in the table by selecting Keep data. Send email reminders using new recipient options Now you can easily set up email reminders using the same recipient options as notifications. When creating or editing a reminder, the Remind Whom field now offers options including choosing from users in the app, adding email address lists, or specifying record fields containing users. Let’s say your manager wants to know what tasks are due this week for her team, but she’s not listed in your Tasks table. Or you have a team that’s monitoring workflow to improve your business process and need to send reminders to the whole team. No need to set up a formula field for your boss or create individual reminders for team members, just select A specific list of users… and enter the email addresses. Choose a map type for forms and create maps with new map provider Now you can select the map type for address fields on your forms. Choose to have your users view maps in road, satellite, hybrid or any of our six map views. Mapbox is our new map provider for map reports, address fields in table reports, address fields in view and edit forms, and search and autocomplete options for addresses in forms. Map reports will display on both full site and mobile. This change should not affect any existing data. No action is needed on your part. In addition to the 4 types of map views you’re used to: roads, satellite, hybrid, and terrain, you’ll have two new options: Roads at scale and High contrast. Roads at Scale uses a road hierarchy with 8 different classes of roads to provide a greater sense of depth at any zoom level. High contrast maps are black and white and provide better visualization and accessibility. You can still interact with Google Maps in the following ways: On the mobile site, when looking at a form that includes an address field, the Locate button opens the default mapping app on the mobile device. When you are on a form and click the link for an address, a new tab opens showing the location in Google Maps. When clicking on a pin for a map report, a Get Directions link opens Google Maps in a new tab with the destination set with the pin’s location. Build formulas more easily with new formatting Read and refer to your formulas more easily from the Reports, Charts, and Field properties pages using three new features: Each line of the formula will have a number to help you track a long formula The names of the fields and formula functions are highlighted in color Parentheses are highlighted and change color to respond to formula edits Before: After: How the new parentheses feature works: The new parenthesis feature checks to see if the user's cursor is placed to the right of an opening or closing parenthesis. If it is, it will 1) draw a gray frame around the character, and 2) draw a gray frame around the matching parenthesis, if there is one. Online help now appears in context When you click the Help button in Quick Base, online help now appears in context. Previously this in-context help was available as a link. Below is an example showing how online help appears when creating a relationship. Select multiple columns and filters when creating reports Save time when creating reports with new features for viewing and selecting columns and dynamic filters. Select multiple columns or dynamic filters View the lists of default columns Start with your default columns Selecting multiple columns and dynamic filters You can now select multiple columns when using a Columns to display setting for a report by holding down the shift key to select multiple consecutive columns, or the control key (command for a MacOS) to select non-consecutive columns. You can also select multiple dynamic filters in the Filters setting. Viewing lists of default columns Wondering whether the default columns will work for your report? Now you can view default columns directly on the Report properties page. Starting with default columns If you decide to use custom columns, a new button “Set to current default columns” makes it easier to start with your defaults, then add more columns to the list. Navigate more easily on mobile devices using table navigation Mobile users can now navigate between tables by clicking table icons, which take them to table home pages. Quick Base users familiar with navigating by table on the full site will now have a consistent navigation experience on mobile devices. In addition to adding tables to the navigation bar, we have added a Reports link next to each table icon, so you can access the reports for each table directly from the nav bar. We’ve also moved the My Apps link to the top and refreshed the logo to reflect our new branding. View more fields in mobile reports See more information quickly on mobile report views. Views now shows 3 fields with the option to expand each record to view 10 fields. We’ve also updated mobile reports to label these fields. Find charts more easily with new icons To make it easier for you to find the chart you’re looking for, we’ve added icons showing the specific type of chart to the report tray. Now you can now see not only the name of the chart, but a visual as well. New content added to Quick Base University The Quick Base University eLearning library is included with your subscription. We recently added new content: Advanced Training: Introduction to Webhooks: This course provides an introduction to webhooks and how they can automate simple workflows or fire automated HTTP messages to third-party services. The goal of the course is not necessarily to teach you how to build a webhook, but to increase your awareness of how and when they can be used to extend your Quick Base platform. Here are just a few examples of what you can accomplish with webhooks: Kick off a Workato workflow Create a Slack notification when a status field changes Initiate Quick Base Actions as part of a triggered workflow You can access Quick Base University eLearning and Live Training from the right panel on your My Apps page: In addition, you can access eLearning directly: Also in this release When customizing home pages, you can now select multiple tables in the Reports list widget and multiple fields in the Search widget. When you relate two tables, Quick Base adds a numeric field if the parent table uses a record ID number. This numeric field no longer appears as a default column on reports. What’s fixed in Quick Base? We continue to focus on quality. Here are the issues we fixed this month. Issue ID Description QBE009730 When adding a calculated column to a report, a decimal place field now only appears when relevant field types are selected. QBE010492 Home page search fields set to Match search term exactly now work correctly on mobile devices. QBE010538 Reports with filters that include the reference field from an invalidated relationship as a filter now work properly. QBE011277 A form rule to change a non-lookup multi-select text field to the value in a lookup multi-select text field now works correctly. QBE011294 Time of Day values now import correctly from .xlsx files. QBE011311 We fixed a spacing issue that occurred in some browsers when groups in an application had long names and the groups were collapsed by a user. Long names are now abbreviated followed by an ellipsis. QBE011503 Quick Base Actions to edit related records now work properly if you make a copy of the app. QBE011511 The page title now displays correctly on the Manage Users and Create a New Report pages. QBE011515 When Hide Email Buttons/Links is selected for a role, those links are now hidden on both full site and mobile. QBE011528 We fixed the keyboard shortcut reference on the message reminding users to save their work in Grid Edit. QBE011533 Fields that include apostrophes in their names now work properly with our new field pickers. QBE011572 Attempting to import text into a required numeric field now results in a detailed error message. QBE011580 After reviewing a record from a report, it now only requires one click to open the global search dialog box. QBE011592 When a summary report used percent of column total and the underlying field is configured as a percentage, the totals were inaccurate. We fixed this. QBE011605 Early Access only. Super Users can now access IP restricted apps QBE011609 The decimal places option now displays when adding a Numeric – Rating or Duration field to a chart. QBE011622 The Date Added column now sorts chronologically on the Manage Users page. QBE011624 When importing users into a group, Quick Base now skips users that already exist in the group so that duplicate entries don’t occur. QBE011627 Quick Base Actions to edit related records can now successfully update records in another app. QBE011637 Early Access only. The checkbox for super user no longer appears on the Manage Users page for the super user early access testing. QBE011650 We removed an outdated link on the Create a new app from scratch page. QBE011668 When an app is restored, the Date Added column now accurately reflects the date a user was first invited to the app. QBE011670 Mobile only. We improved the resolution and color contrast on mobile forms and field names now wrap when entering data. QBE011671 Mobile only. Add record buttons on mobile forms now redirect to a mobile new record form instead of a desktop form. QBE011676 Mobile only. The color for embedded reports links, add new record links, and URL fields that open new tabs on mobile is now consistent. Platform security, billing changes, back-end tooling, and performance are all ongoing commitments and as such, each release may include changes in these areas.

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