September 2018 release notes

The Quick Base September release delivers on our commitment to enterprise security and governance with a spotlight on integration with identity management systems.

This release also features bulk user searches on the Admin Console, improved mobile navigation, and enhancements to Quick Base Automations and Kanban reports.


Integration with identity management systems

Integration with identity management systems

Identity management integration allows admins to enforce organization-defined policies for identity management and easily provision users.

Now, admins can integrate Quick Base with identity management systems, such as Okta and OneLogin, using the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM), an open standard for syncing user information with corporate directories and automatically provisioning users from a single central identity provider.

Certified applications have already been published for Okta and OneLogin, allowing admins to provision new users, update user attributes (first name, last name, email, username), and deprovision existing users. .

SCIM 2.0 APIs are also included that admins can leverage with other Identity providers such as Azure Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Google Cloud Identity.


Admin Console: Bulk user searches for emails

Admins can now search for a list of users on the Users page of the Admin Console using a list of emails separated by commas, spaces, or line breaks. This allows admins to search for a specific list so that they can perform bulk actions, such as deny users.


Mobile navigation improvements

The navigation menu on our mobile site has a new, more modern look and feel. In addition, all tables are now viewable directly from this menu without the need to expand the list each time you return to the navigation.

These changes support the development of a Quick Base mobile app, which is scheduled to be released later this year.

Quick Base Automations: Date fields in triggers, detailed logging, and more

We’ve made enhancements to automations to improve what it can do, how well it performs, and where you can access it.

Date fields in trigger

When defining the trigger for your automation, you can now use dates and date/time fields in the Additional Criteria section.

You can also now use date and date time fields in the Which records? criteria builder for modify and delete records actions.

Detailed logging

We now provide detailed information about each step of an automation so that customers can see what’s happening when it runs.

Improved performance and error handling

You can now filter the list of automation runs to show only the ones with an error.

We improved the error messages we display in the automations user interface so they more closely match the messages sent via email.

We raised the limit of consecutive failed automation runs from 5 to 20. After 20 failed runs, the automation will be disabled.

Changing realm names is now supported by data change automations. If the realm name changes, previously created automations should work as expected.

We improved resilience for network communications.


About Quick Base Automations help article.

Working with Automations course in Quick Base University.

Kanban reports: More field types supported, enhanced usability

Kanban report users will now be able to see more types of information and have a better experience when working with our drag-and-drop reports.

More field types supported

The following field types are now supported on Kanban cards:


List user

Multi-select text



Time of day

Work date

Enhanced usability

Column headers now display even if there are currently no records that match the criteria for your Kanban report

We improved clicking and dragging. Now you can drag cards from one column to another when you have scrolled past where the last card displays in the column you are dragging the card into.

COMING SOON: Early access features

We currently have the following early access features available:

Type-ahead search picker

We’re working on a type-ahead search for selecting parent records that will reduce time and frustration for those with large datasets. With our current record picker, you have to scroll through up to 1,000 records to find the one you want. With our new record picker, you can search by typing to narrow down your results.

Early access is now available for entire realms. Previously, it was available for specific apps.

The type-ahead search picker now supports conditional dropdowns and user reference fields. We’ve also added a create a new record option to the bottom of the dropdown.

To participate, please open a support case.


Audit Logs: View data changes

Included with Platform and above plans with 6 months of data retention. Available as an add-on for Premier plans.

Admins can now view details of add, edit, and delete data changes.

Note: At this time, the data change log feature is not compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Apps that have entities that are subject to HIPAA compliance should wait to enable data change logs until this feature is generally available this fall, when it will be HIPAA compliant.

Tracking of data changes will be off by default. Realm and account admins can enable audit logs for up to 20 apps per realm from the Apps page of the Admin Console.

Note: Enabling data change logs is not currently available on the Apps (Beta) page.

Then, app admins can select up to 20 fields per table to track for data changes by selecting This field will be tracked for audit purposes in field properties. Formula and summary fields are not supported.

With this release, you can also opt to view which fields have audit logs enabled as a column on your field list. Go to Table Settings > Fields > Advanced Options to choose this option.

When auditing is enabled at both the app and field level, realm admins can view data changes in their audit logs and click each change for more detail. If existing data was updated, the old and new values display side by side.

The data change logs are available to all admins with access to audit logs.



On the Account Summary page, admins can view a new section for their Account Team, which contains the contact info for their Account Executive, Customer Service Manager, and Orientation Manager, as well as some training links.

Realm admins who choose to redirect end users to a custom support URL can now also customize the text for this support link.

The University Blog: Check out the September Blog Post for our new course offerings along with a helpful tip on searching within an app’s structure, or schema.


We continue to focus on quality. Below are the issues we fixed this month.

Note: Platform security, billing changes, back-end tooling, and performance are all ongoing commitments. Each release may include changes in these areas.

Issue ID Description

QBE010265 Clicking into a cell in Grid Edit now works correctly for users of the full site on mobile devices.

QBE012267 Dropdown fields in Grid Edit now work properly.

QBE012650 The favorites menu now correctly displays as wide enough for all titles.

QBE012773 We fixed an issue where clicking on the automation error count did not filter the list of runs to just ones with errors

QBE012775 Emails are now correctly being sent to users when automations were disabled after consecutive failures.

QBE012781 The background color now correctly changes color in form elements when using the new type-ahead search record picker.

QBE012796 You can now select all available field types for dynamic filters for Kanban reports.

QBE012811 We fixed an issue where the selected trigger table sometimes disappeared during the creation of an automation and had to be re-selected.

QBE012812 We fixed an issue in automations where the name of the selected table for an action sometimes didn't display in the description of the action.

QBE012849 We fixed a bug where automation builders could create a modify or delete action without specifying which records should be modified or deleted, which causes an error when the automation runs.

QBE012858 We fixed an issue where automations pages wouldn't load when a table had a multiple choice field with an extremely large number of options.

QBE012879 Records pickers now correctly search for search terms containing periods.

The September product release is September 23, 2018.

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