Pipelines updates

Significant DocuSign channel enhancements

The Pipelines team has been hard at work enhancing the DocuSign channel. These are just some of the enhancements coming in the September release:

  • The ability to connect to a demo account.

  • Filter events based on the envelope subject.

  • Sending an Envelope for signature from template step - all signees with their respective fields are visible and the fields can be dynamically filled in with data from third party services.

Quick Base file attachments

  • We now support file attachments in the Quick Base channel. This will now allow you to send file attachments, uploaded to Quick Base, to external services as well as upload attachments from external services to Quick Base.

Webhooks channel now has PATCH method

  • The HTTP PATCH request method, available with the September release, applies partial modifications to a resource, by providing an entity containing a list of changes to be applied, to the resource requested. This helps expand third-party integrations in Pipelines that the PATCH method in Webhooks can't provide.

Fields panel search

  • Now you can search in the fields panel, per step, instead of scrolling through a long list of fields being output from a previous step in your pipeline.

More new features for the New Table Report

  • With the new Save/Save as functionality you can save any changes made on the fly to your table report. The functionality will be the same as it is on the old report, but we've updated the interaction and visual design to reduce accidentally saving over common report settings.
  • This month we begin the release of our Persistence feature which will allow, certain changes you make on a report to stick with you. No more re-adjusting when you view the report again or when refreshing the page. This month we will be releasing the first of three persistent components, the state of the column filters tray. In October we will be releasing two more persistent components resized columns and chosen spacing.

Improved RESTful API HTTP status codes

In the September release we updated the HTTP status messages for RESTful API upsert requests to include HTTP 207 (Multi-Status). The status provides a more accurate indication of variable success and failure of the request. We had previously returned HTTP 200 (OK) status.

Edit RESTful API summary and lookup fields

Builders can now modify the properties of the summary and lookup fileds when modifying them in the [/fields ](/operation/updateField) endpoint.

Mobile offline specific forms

Today, forms with form-rules are not available for offline data entry. With the new mobile offline specific forms, builders will be able to specify a specific form to be displayed when a user accesses the form using offline mode in the Quick Base mobile app.

Coming soon:

Upcoming change for Exchange connections for connected tables

On October 13th 2020, Microsoft will end Basic Authentication (username and password) access for Office 365 customers. Because of this, Quick Base will soon be adding OAuth 2.0 as an authorization type for Exchange connections used by connected tables (also known as Quick Base Sync). Additional information will be sent to existing Exchange connection owners prior to this change.

Updated Map styles

Looking forward to our October release, we will be modernizing our Map reports. An important note about this upgrade: We will be retiring rarely used styles. This means Maps that use the retired styles, will be migrated to the default report behavior. Users that will encounter this change will be notified by in-product messaging.

Beta opportunities
Feature Description status how to participate
New dashboards

Our new dashboards provide a refreshed modern interface and also new functionality for users. View collections of reports from across all of your Quick Base applications and users can now filter across selected reports by field values in the underlying data.

Coming soon to Beta

Sign up in our early access app. Select Building Apps under Program Area.

We will be accepting customers in waves to participate, sign up today!

New table report experience The new table report provides a modern interface to view, filter, sort, and group Quick Base data available when users are offline. Use the toggle found on each report to turn the experience on. Open Beta Open to everyone
Audit log API access

We are offering RESTful API access to Audit Logs for customers with that feature on their account.

Please check your profile in our Early Access application, or create a new one, to ensure Extending Quick Base is selected.

Public Beta

For consideration to our limited public beta, please reach out to your account team.


We continue to focus on quality. Below are the issues we fixed this month.

Note: Platform security, billing changes, back-end tooling, and performance are all ongoing commitments. Each release may include changes in these areas.

Issue Description
QBE013706 We corrected an issue when opening a new Quick Base tab and getting the login redirect instead of MyApp page since SCIM enabled.
QBE014514 We fixed an issue when creating a new report on the My Report & Charts screen where customers were defaulted to only creating a table report and did not offer any other report type option.
QBE014674 We fixed an issue with field text displayed as a link, in the New Table Report, being compressed.
QBE014687 We corrected a problem with multiple scroll bars being displayed on the app dashboard when loading a report through and embedded report.
QBE014688 We corrected a problem when using a report URL in a dashboard widget. When turning on the New Style toggle, double or triple vertical bars were presented on the report.
QBE014733 We fixed an issue with the button color of buttons for URL fields not displaying in the new report.
QBE014799 We fixed and issue with the RESTful API Update a Field generating errors when there are blank values and Required and/or Unique are set to False.
QBE014825 We changed the way text in a rich text field is handled. Instead of replacing the text with an empty string, we now only remove the {{<script>}} and {{</script>}} tags leaving the remaining text to appear as plain text in the rich text widget. This will affect those customers who have disallowed tags in their rich text widgets.
QBE014826 We corrected the format of our start and end dates in our RESTful APIs, on a timeline report, from milliseconds to ISO dates.
QBE014833 We updated the format of the Workdate field when using the getReport endpoint on the new RESTful API to the ISO format of YYYY-MM-DD format.
QBE014835 We fixed a problem in our RESTful APIs with the Currency field upsert silently accepting invalid strings.
QBE014836 We have incorporated the HTTP 207 status code for multi-status responses in our RESTful API calls.
QBE014844 We fixed an issue tables not being deleted and errors being generated when saving changes to a sandbox environment.

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