Learn the basics of Quick Base

1: What is Quick Base

Quick Base Basics (3:23)

The first video in this series is a brief overview of Quick Base.

At a high level, learn about the building blocks of Quick Base apps, including tables, roles, reports, and notifications.

2: Mapping out the problem you'll solve

Pick up a pencil, sticky notes, or your favorite diagramming tool. Think about the problem you're solving and the processes you'll improve with your Quick Base app.

Consider the roles, teams, and departments involved in the current workflow. Reach out to others involved in the process to understand their workflow and identify areas where you, with your Quick Base app, can increase efficiency.

It's important to understand your workflow and process before you start building your app.

Check out the Quick Base blog for ideas on how you can get started mapping your process, or reach out. We love this stuff!

3: Understanding Quick Base core concepts

Getting an app from Exchange

Tables:the building
blocks of a Quick Base app (4:21)

forms within Quick Base (6:17)

Table-to-table relationships (5:34)

4: Translating your process into a Quick Base app

After you've mapped out your process and understand core Quick Base concepts, it's time to start designing your app.

This topic guides you through Planning the structure of your app.

Plan the structure of your app

5: Building your Quick Base app: step-by-step

Building your Quick Base app

In this hands-on learning, build your tables, fields, forms, relationships, and reports.

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