Admin Console Overview

Note: Based on your access level as an account or realm admin, different links display in the navigation bar. For example, if you are an account admin but not a realm admin, the Account Summary link displays but the Encryption or Realm Summary links do not display.

Use the Admin Console to manage all of your administrative functions in one place.

  • As a realm admin: Access the Admin Console from the My Apps page by clicking Quickbase Admin, then Manage the Realm.
  • As an account admin: Access the Admin Console by clicking Manage Billing Account from the menu at the top right of the My Apps page.

From the Admin Console, you can access the following:

  • Account summary: View and edit your account, service plan, realm, and company information.
  • Platform analytics: View how your account is using Quickbase by looking at summaries of key contractual and usage metrics, with the ability to drill down to investigate trends.
  • Apps: View a list of apps in your account or realm, and related app information, such as: users, size, manager, date created, and recent activity.
  • Groups: View a list of groups in your account or realm, such as: group name, description, and members. Access links to create a new group, provision new users, and add users to groups.
  • Users: Add, deny, and manage all of the users and their approval status in a realm.
  • Permissions: View and manage account-level permissions, including the ability to create apps. The default is to allow anyone to create applications. However, you can select Specify who can create applications to limit access to specific employees.
  • Audit logs: View and download audit logs to gain greater visibility into how users access their apps.
  • User tokens: View, search, and export a list of all user tokens.
  • Encryption: (Realm admins only, and if realm-specific encryption keys are enabled) View your encryption key history.
  • Realm summary: (Realm admins only) View realm information such as basic properties, account(s), and a list of realm admins.
  • Policies: View and manage policies, including: password, sign-in, IP address filter and whitelist, and security policies.
  • UI: Customize and brand the user interface for all your apps with a custom header, footer, and sign-in message.
  • SuperUsers: (Realm admins only). Set super users to have unrestricted access to all your apps and data.