Admin Console overview

Use the Admin Console to manage all of your administrative functions in one place.

  • As a realm admin: Access the Admin Console from the My Apps page by clicking Quick Base Admin, then Manage the Realm.
  • As an account admin: Access the Admin Console by clicking Manage Billing Account from the menu at the top right of the My Apps page.

From the Admin Console, you can access the following:

  • Account Summary: Review and edit your account, service plan, realm, and company information.
  • Apps: Review a list of apps in your account or realm, and related app information such as: users, size, manager, date created, and recent activity.
  • Groups: View information on the groups in your account/realm, including group name, description, and members. Access links to create a new group, provision users, and add users to groups.
  • Users: View and manage all your Quick Base account and realm users. More about manage all users.
  • Permissions: View and manage account-level permissions, including the ability to create apps. The default is to let anyone create applications, but you can select Specify who can create applications and limit this access to specific employees.
  • Audit Logs: View and download audit logs of all log-ins. More about audit logs.
  • User Tokens: View, search, and export a list of all user tokens.
  • Encryption: (Realm admins only) View your encryption key history with the start date for each key. See Encryption Key Management for details. This page is available only if you are a realm admin and realm-specific encryption keys are enabled for your realm.
  • Realm Summary: (Realm admins only) View information about the realm including realm ID, account url, has migrated to UXV2, host name, realm name, using external authentication, company, account(s), and a list of the realm admins.
  • Policies: View and manage policies, including password policies, sign-in policies, IP Whitelist, and Security policies. More about policies.
  • UI: Customize the user interface for all your apps with a custom header, footer, and/or sign-in message.

Note: Based on your access level as an account or realm admin, you may see different links in the navigation bar. For example, if you are an account admin but not a realm admin, you will see only the Account Summary link and not the Encryption or Realm Summary links.


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