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Button Bar and Link Bar widgets are very similar. Both provide ways to allow your users to perform actions, such as opening a web page or creating a new record. The difference lies in how this action is presented. Button Bars present the actions as buttons, and Link Bars present the actions as links. This allows you to place the same functionality in a more compact space. It also allows you the stylistic flexibility to visually distinguish between the two. For example, you might use buttons for important functions such as adding new records, then use links to direct users to useful but less critical functions and information.

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Creating a Button Bar or Link Bar widget

To create a Button Bar or Link Bar widget, edit the app Home page. Drag the Button Bar widget or Link Bar widget from the Widget Gallery on to the home page.

The widget appears with the button or link Customization dialog already open.

Note: The color you select applies to all buttons in this Button Bar.

As with all widgets, you can set this widget to be collapsible, if you have placed it on its own row, to preserve space on the app Home page. You can also choose to show a title for the widget.

Adding buttons to a Button Bar widget, or links to a Link Bar widget

To add a button to a Button Bar widget, click New Button. To add a link to a Link Bar widget, click New Link.

In either case, the button or link Customization dialog will appear. About Button Bar and Link Bar widgets.

Configuring the button or link bar

To configure the button or link bar, click the Settings icon () in the upper right corner of the bar. The Settings dialog will open.

Select the button/link orientation you prefer. You can choose horizontal or vertical orientation within the row. You can also choose whether vertical buttons align left, center, or right within the widget.

If this is a Button Bar widget, you can select the button color by clicking on the button color box. The Color Selection dialog will open.

You can also revert to the default color by clicking Revert to default color.

Customizing button and link titles

To customize each button or link, hover over the button/link, then click the right arrow icon on the right side of the button.

To edit the label text of a button or link, click the Edit icon (). A field will open. Type in the text you'd like to display. Press Enter or click the green checkmark to save the title.

Customizing button and link destinations

To change the destination of a button or link, click the Customize icon (). This will open the Customization dialog.

New Record

A New Record button or link allows the user to add a record to an existing table within the app. When the user clicks on the button/link, the New Record page opens, allowing the user to enter the record.

To create this type of button/link, click New Record. The dialog will change. Click the New dropdown and select the table to which you wish to add a record.

You can specify what happens after the new record has been saved. The user can be directed to:

Select the option you prefer from the After saving the new record dropdown.


A Report button or link takes the user to that report’s page. To select the report, click the Report dropdown.


A Page button or link takes the user to another page. To choose which page, click the Page dropdown and select the page name.


A URL button or link takes the user to a specific URL. To create a URL button or link, enter the URL in the URL field.

Removing a button or link

To remove a button, click the right arrow icon on the right side of the button, then click the red Delete icon ().

Rearranging buttons and links

You may find you want to change the order in which your buttons appear. To move a button to a new location on the Button Bar, simply drag and drop the button to its new location.

Saving your widget

Click Save on the Page bar to save all your changes.

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