About Document Management

Quick Base can help you manage your data, and your files too. You can easily attach a document or other file to a Quick Base record. This is a great way to share information and also to work together to edit documents. File attachment fields offer document control and versioning features.

The first step is to add a file attachment type field to your application. When you do so, you and your staff can avail yourselves of all that these fields have to offer:

Managing the Revisions list

You control how many revisions your file attachment field stores behind the scenes.

To set your revision preferences:
  1. Access the field properties for the file attachment field.

  2. Within the File Attachment field options section, choose one of the following:

  3. Grant users access to revisions.

    If you want users to see revisions and replace a current file with an older version of a document, turn on the Allow users to make older versions the current version checkbox.

Tip: If you delete attachments to comply with space limitations, your application statistics may take a day or so to register the change.

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