About Reports List widgets

Reports List widgets display a list of the reports or charts in your app. This list displays only the reports you have access to.

Creating a Reports List widget

To create a Reports List widget, edit the app Home page. Drag the widget from the Widget Gallery to the desired location. This widget can be placed in the sidebar, or in the body of the page.

The Settings dialog appears when you place your widget.

You can choose to show reports from all tables in your app or from just the tables you select. The reports are organized by table, and if you have organized your reports, by group.

Configuring Reports List widgets

As with all widgets, you can set this widget to be collapsible, if you have placed it on its own row, to preserve space on the app Home page. You can also choose to show a title for the widget.

Saving your Reports List widget

Click Save on the Page bar to save your changes.

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