About the Reports & Charts panel

The reports and charts panel opens when you click Reports & Charts in the Page bar. It shows all reports for the current table, and scrolls to the left and right if you have too many reports to fit on the screen.

By default, reports are arranged into three groups: the last four reports you opened (Recent), your personal reports (Mine), and reports that everyone in your role can see (Common). The Recent and Mine groups may not appear if you haven't opened reports for this table yet, or you don't have any personal reports. The Recent group will not appear if you have only a few reports.

App admins can create new groups, and organize how reports are shown on the reports panel.

From the reports and charts panel, you can:

  • Open a report. To open a report, click Reports & Charts in the Page bar, then click the name of the report to open.

    Apps automatically add some basic reports for each table, like the List All and List Changes reports. The table also contains additional reports created by your app manager and other users. (Read more about reports.)

  • Create a new report. To create a report, click + New at the top of the reports panel, then choose the type of report and click Create.

  • Search for reports. Type your search term in the Search reports & charts box. The list of reports filters as you type to show reports with your search term in the report name.

  • Organize reports. If you have admin access to the app, you can group and rearrange reports right in the reports panel. Learn more.

  • Expand or collapse groups. Click the arrow to the left of a group name to collapse the group. Group names collapse vertically to save space. Information about collapsed groups is saved per browser, per user.

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