About Rich Text widgets

Rich Text widgets allow you to add text to an app Home page. You can use a Rich Text widget to add information such as announcements, include instructions or reminders, or present images such as a company logo.

Creating a Rich Text Widget

To add a Rich Text widget, edit the app Home page. Drag the Rich Text widget from the Widget Gallery to the position you want.

Entering Content in the Rich Text Widget

When you place the Rich Text widget on the page, the editing toolbar will automatically open, and it will open any time you attempt to edit the text in the widget.

This toolbar enables a fine degree of control over the content you present in this widget. The controls in the toolbar should be familiar to anyone who uses word processing software.

Configuring the Rich Text Widget

To customize your Rich Text widget , click the Settings icon ( ) in the upper right corner of the widget.

As with all widgets, you can set this widget to be collapsible, if you have placed it on its own row, to preserve space on the app Home page. You can also choose to show a title for the widget.

Expanding a Rich Text Widget to Full Screen While Editing

While you are in edit mode, you can expand a Rich Text widget to full screen. Hover over the upper right corner of the widget. The Expand icon will appear to the left of the Delete icon.

Click the Expand icon. The contents of the Rich Text widget will expand to fill the browser window. You can collapse back to the app Home page by clicking the Collapse icon located just under the widget title.

Note: Rich Text widgets may not be expanded to full screen when you are not editing the app Home page.

Saving your Rich Text widget

Click Save on the Page bar to save your changes.

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