About Roles (Quickbase Essential plan)

When you create an application in an account on a Quickbase Essential plan, Quickbase creates two roles automatically: Administrator and Participant. The differences between the roles are shown below:

Role Setting

Administrator rights

Participant rights

Access level

Full Administration

(full control of the app)

Basic Access with Sharing

(can use the app, share it with others, and manage users)

Save common reports



Edit field properties



These roles are not customizable. Customizable roles are available to accounts in other plans. See About Roles for information about what settings you can control using customizable roles.

What you can control through roles

In addition to the settings mentioned in the table above, you can also set what users in each role see on a table's Home page. See Customizing a Table Home Page for more information.

What about creating applications?

The ability to create applications in an account is not governed by your role. Permissions assigned to roles are specific to the application in which the role resides. Therefore, you cannot give someone the permissions required to create applications using a role. Billing Account Administrators assign create permissions to users using the Manage Billing Account option.

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