About Report Subscriptions

You can automatically email a report to users on a periodic (daily, weekly, or monthly) basis by creating a scheduled report subscription. For example, you can create a report subscription that automatically emails the monthly sales report to senior management, or send a report of all open tasks to your project team before the weekly status meeting. You can create report subscriptions for table, summary, calendar, and timeline reports.

Who can create report subscriptions?

All application users can create report subscriptions as follows:

  • Application administrators can create report subscriptions for anyone who has access to the application and can choose to send the report subscription to all users, or just users in specific role. Application administrators also have the power to edit, delete, or deactivate any subscription, including those created by others. (Application administrators are users whose role gives them full administrative rights in an application.) What's the difference between an application manager and an application administrator?

  • A regular user of an application (who doesn't have administrative rights on the application) can subscribe to reports he can access; however, regular users can create subscriptions for themselves only; they cannot send subscriptions to other users.

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