About the Table Home Page

The image below shows a typical table Home page, which can be accessed by clicking a table name in the Table bar. The intent of the Home page is to provide a view of the table (the default report, a specific report, or the advanced search form).

From this page, you can:

If you have permission to alter table settings, you will see other commands on the Page bar that you can use to:

Filtering data

If the report that appears on the table Home page is set to display dynamic filters, you now have a great way to quickly find the data you need. These filters appear on the left side of the table Home page. The filterable values for a field appear indented beneath the field name. If a field has many values and you're not interested in filtering on it, you can collapse it by clicking the arrow to the left of the field name. You can also resize or close the filter list. Read more about dynamic filters.

To use dynamic filters:

Note: Your role affects the field values shown in the filter list (for example, if you aren't allowed access to a filterable field, it won't display in the list).

If you'd rather type your search term, the Search these records box allows you to search the fields in the table that have been configured to be Searchable.

Technical notes on filtering:

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