About calendar reports

Calendar reports let you view and manage all your events for a given day, week, or month in one place.

Daily, weekly, and monthly views

Manage and report on your events and tasks with daily and weekly views. Switch between daily, weekly, and monthly views via tabs. The last view you used will display by default if you navigate away from the report and come back to it in your browser session.

Manage events in calendar view

Manage your events directly in the calendar view. Double-click to add a new event. In the monthly and weekly views, drag and drop events to change the day. In the weekly and daily views, click and drag the top of the event to change start time or click and drag the bottom of the event to change duration.

Note: Since dragging/resizing updates the field values of the start and end fields selected for the calendar, if either of these fields is not editable (e.g., a formula field), the drag and drop will not be enabled for that calendar report. Drag and drop is also not enabled if the start and end date fields are of different types (e.g., one is a Date field and the other is a DateTime field).


Color-code events so you can tell at a glance what types of upcoming events or tasks you have. In the calendar report builder, add a formula under the new color-coding section. More about color-coding.

Email calendars

Emailed calendar reports will now send a report of the events currently visible to the sender. Calendar report subscription emails will include a report containing all of the events in the month specified by the “Initial month to display” report setting.

Learn how to create a calendar report.

Note: Calendar reports will not display on home pages created before the current drag and drop home page builder was launched in 2013. If you cannot view your calendar from your home page, you may need to re-build your home page. Also, if the home page you rebuild is not the default for your app, you will need to go to your Roles settings and re-assign the home page to the appropriate role(s).

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