About Timeline Reports

A timeline is a graphic representation of records in relation to time (view an example). You can create a timeline report (which some call a Gantt Chart) for any records that have a start date and end date (typically tasks or projects).

Each bar on a timeline represents the duration of an event. You tell Quick Base which fields represent the start and finish, what time period you want to view and which records should appear when you design the timeline. You can even include additional fields on the left side of the timeline, to better describe each event.

Quick Base timelines let you gather records into groups. For example, you may want to group tasks by Planning Phase or Related Project. The image below shows a timeline of projects grouped by Project. If you want, you can group on multiple levels, nesting additional groups beneath the top-level group.

Click a record's View button () to open it and get further details.

When you group records within your timeline, Quick Base displays a black line which spans the time covered by all events within the group. Viewers can collapse timeline groups to get the big picture (See the image below).

This is the collapsed version of a timeline report. When you collapse a timeline, viewers can focus on and compare durations
across the highest level group. To collapse and expand the entire timeline, click the arrow in the top left corner. You can also
collapse individual groups. To do so, click the arrow to left of the group you want to collapse.

Learn how to create a timeline report.

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