About Your User Account

When you sign up to use Quickbase, you create a user account. Each user is in charge of thier own user account. Users are free to access apps in any billing account which grants them access. Billing accounts pay for users who access their apps (read more about how accounts are billed).

The unique identifier Quickbase uses to figure out who you are and what you should see is your email address. You can create several user profiles connected with a single user account. Read more.

You can change the email address associated with your account. When you change your email address, Quickbase sends a confirmation message to the new address. Click the link in this email to verify your email address.Note: DO NOT create a new account for your new email address. If you create a separate user account under a new email address, you won't have access to the same apps

FAQ: My Company was bought by ACME and all our email addresses have changed. They now end with "@acme.com". How do I let Quickbase know?

If your company's email changes, each user must change their own email address once the new email address is active. To do so, edit your user preferences.

Note: If you make a typo when entering your new email address and are locked out of Quickbase, contact Quickbase Customer Care.

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