User Status Overview

The following table describes the terms used to indicate the status of a Quick Base user. These statuses may appear on the Users with Access and Deny tabs on the Manage Billing Account page, in the Address Book, on the Manage Users page, and on user information popups that appear in Quick Base.




An Unregistered user is someone who has been given access to an app, but who has not registered in the account to which that app belongs.

Some error messages refer to Unregistered users as Provisional users.


An Unverified user has registered but has not completed the process (by clicking on the link in the verification email sent by Quick Base) to confirm that a valid email was provided at registration.

If a Registered user changes their email address, they can drop back to Unverified status.


When a user registers and verifies their email address, they become a Registered user. This is the normal state for a fully-functional Quick Base user.


A Denied user cannot access any app in your billing account. In realms, a Denied user cannot access any app in any account in the realm.

If your account belongs to a realm, you may also see the statuses Approved and Guest in the Directory tab on the Manage Realm page. See the Set General User Access Levels topic for more information on these statuses.

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