Accept an Application Transfer

When someone transfers an application to you, you must take action to complete the transfer. Unless you accept the transfer, nothing happens.

To accept management or ownership of an application:

You accept an application transfer by opening the transfer alert within your Quickbase account. To do so, go to the My Apps page and click the alerts link on the right side of the screen. A list of your alerts appears. Click the relevant Request to Transfer alert.

Note: Quickbase also generates an email letting you know that someone wants to transfer an application to you. When you click the link in your email, Quickbase opens the alert for you.

The alert displays. Click Continue, then click Accept.

Note: If you're accepting ownership of an application and you have the right to create applications in multiple accounts, Quickbase prompts you to select the account in which you'd like to place to the application. When you accept ownership of an app, Quickbase sends an alert email to the previous app manager.

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