Set permissions for billing account admins

As a Billing Account Administrator, you can set the following types of permissions at the account level.

You can:

  • Grant or revoke the ability to create apps. Apps belong to billing accounts. You control a user's ability to create an app within your account.

  • Grant support-level management rights. When you grant support-level management rights to another user, you give them the ability to manage some administrative tasks, but not to control the entire account.

  • Grant full management rights. To replace yourself as the billing account manager, or if you need to share all billing account administration with someone else, you can use this feature to grant complete control over your account.

  • Grant permission to build pipelines. You can specify who can build pipelines and what channels they have access to.

  • Designate one or more account administrators to receive reset requests. If you're an account administrator for an account that is part of a realm, you can designate one or more account administrators to receive and handle user requests for a security question and answer reset.

  • Deactivate a user's Quickbase account. If you own a user's email address, you can deactivate that user's Quickbase account. Doing so means that the person can no longer sign into Quickbase at all.

  • Deny any user access to your account. Even when you don't control a user's email address, you can still keep them out of your account by denying access to any apps that you own.

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