Account Summary

Account info

If you are an admin with the right permissions, the Account Summary page displays account info, including:

  • Account name
  • Plan type. Click the plan name to view details.
  • Billing contact
  • Time zone
  • Formatting, including currency, symbol, position, number, and date settings for the account.
  • Numbers of
    • Users with access purchased, used, and percent used. Note: If you have users who are Quick Base employees, they are not included in the number of users with access. Click the link to view a list of these users.
    • App space purchased, used, and percent used
    • Attached file space purchased, used, and percent used
  • Number of apps, including the number in production and the total. Click the link to view and search a list of apps on the Apps page.
  • Number of API Calls

To change your plan

Admins can change their plan type by clicking the buy more links under Purchased & Used or the Users with access row or the Change Plan link in the sidebar. You can also add different types of training events based on your current plan.

Company info

Admins can view company info, including company name and email domains. To change the name of your company click Edit Company Name. To edit or add email domains, click the company name, and click Edit Email Domains.

Realm info

If your account is part of a realm, the Realm Info section shows your Quick Base web address and whether you use LDAP single sign-on.

More links

From the links in the More menu, admins can also:

  • Create a new app. More about creating apps
  • Create a new group. Enter a group name and description and you will be directed to the Groups page.
  • Provision users and add them to groups. Enter email addresses (required), first names, and last names to provision new Quick Base accounts. Click Import Users to bring in users from an existing file or the clipboard. To assign a user to a group, select the group from the dropdown. To add users to additional groups, click More Groups.
  • Add users to groups. To assign users to groups, enter email addresses, first names, and last names, and select the group from the dropdown. To see a list of users, click Find. To add users to additional groups, click More Groups. Quick Base will create a provisional account for new users when you enter their email addresses, first names, and last names.
  • Email users. You can email all your Quick Base users or a subset. Select Users with access to specific apps, all app managers, all app admins (including app managers) or All users with access, and click Download file to generate a list of email addresses in text file that you can cut and paste into an email message.
  • Edit the following account properties
    • Account name
    • Whether to allow public apps. Public apps can be accessed by anyone on the Internet
    • Whether to allow app sharing
    • Billing contact email address
    • Time zone
    • Formatting defaults, including currency, symbol, position, number and date settings for the account
  • Change your plan
  • Cancel service. You will be prompted to confirm your cancellation and directed to a Cancellation Request form with a brief survey.
  • Edit billing information
  • View billing history


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