Add a Member to a Group

When you add a member to a group, you grant that user all the permission you've assigned to the group. (Permissions are granted through roles.)

Note: Each member that you add to a group must be a registered Quickbase user. If you're a Billing Account Administrator who wants to add unregistered users to groups, read about provisioning.

The process of adding members to a group differs depending upon whether or not you're a Billing Account Administrator:

To add a member to a group (as a Group Manager):
  1. Click the user dropdown on the Global bar, then click My preferences.

  2. Within the Groups I'm In box, click the name of the group to which you'd like to add members.

  3. In the upper left of the page, click Add Users to this Group.
    Note: You can also add all the members of an existing Group to the Group you just opened. To do so, click Add a Group to this Group and select the group.

  4. In the boxes provided, enter the email addresses or user names of the Quickbase users that you want to add to this group, and then click Save.

To add a member to a group (as a Billing Account Administrator):
  1. Access the Manage Billing Account page.

  2. Click the Groups tab.

  1. In the Group Name column, click the link for the group to which you want to add members.

    Note: You can only modify groups that you manage unless you are the account admin.

  2. In the left side of the page, click Add Users to Groups.

  3. In the text boxes provided, enter the user name or email address for each member that you want to add, select a group from the dropdown.
    If you want to add many users at once, click Add Multiple Users at the bottom of the page and use the User Picker to enter multiple email addresses or your organization's domain name.

  4. Click Save.

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