Add a New Field

It's easy to customize your application to suit your needs. Add custom fields that fit your process. If you’re working with a connected table, you can add more connected fields.

Tip: Say you're viewing a form within your application and you realize that you want to add a new field to it—one that doesn't yet exist. You can create a field and add it to your form at the same time.

To add a field to a form you are viewing:
  1. Right-click the label (name) of the field above which you want to insert the new field.

  2. Select Add a field after this one from the menu that appears.

For each form in your application, you can specify that Quick Base automatically add new fields to it, prompt you, or never add new fields automatically. Whenever Quick Base adds a field to a form this way, it appears on the bottom. If you miss your chance or can't decide, don't worry. You can add fields to forms and reposition them at any time. (Read about editing forms.)

To add a field to a table:
  1. Open a table from the Table bar, click Settings, then click next to Fields. The Add New Fields dialog displays.

  2. In the Field Label box, enter a name for the field.

  3. From the Type list, select a field type that's appropriate for the data you want this field to hold. (Read about field types.)

  4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for each field you want to add.

  5. At the bottom of the list, click Add.

  6. You may be prompted to add the field to forms; respond to the prompt if so. This prompt depends on how you design your forms (specifically, the choice you make on the Form's Properties tab).

  7. In the Fields list, click the name of the new field to open its properties page.

    The new field is indicated by an emphasized border.

    Every field type has properties that are unique to it, which you can change at any time. For example, you can specify the format of a date field, or you can specify that a particular field is always required or is bold. To learn more, see Changing the Properties of a Field.

  8. Optionally, add the field to one or more reports. (Read how.)

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