Adding fields to table-to-table relationships

You can enhance relationships between tables by adding additional fields, like lookup and summary fields. These fields can help users by showing them more information or letting them move back and forth between tables quickly and easily. Read About table-to-table relationships to learn more about these field types. You can add one of these fields at any time.

To add fields to a relationship:
  1. Open the app that contains the relationship you want to enhance with additional fields.

    If you created a relationship between tables in two different apps (a cross-app relationship), open the application that contains the child table.

  2. Open the table.

  3. Select Settings, then click Table-to-table relationships.

  4. Select the relationship that you want to edit. The relationship properties appear:

  5. Add the fields:

    • To add a Lookup field, select Add Lookup Fields at the bottom of the Child Table. A New Lookup Fields page appears. For more details, see Creating lookup fields.

    • To add a Summary field, click Add Summary Field at the bottom of the Parent Table. A New Summary Field page appears. For more details, see Creating summary fields.

    • If your parent table doesn't already have a Report Link field, select Create Report Link. The report link field is automatically added.

    • If your parent table doesn't already have an "Add" button, which is called a URL (formula) field, select Create "Add Record." The URL (formula) field is automatically added.

  6. When you have finished adding fields, click Done in the upper right to close the relationship properties.