About Adding Users

Adding users as an Application Manager

Application Managers can add users who have already registered with Quick Base or add unregistered users. Read how to share an application.

Controlling users as a Billing Account Administrator

As a Billing Account Administrator, you decide who can create applications and who should have advanced permissions that might help you manage the account. (Read more about billing account management.)

You can also deny any user access to your account. For example, if an employee has left your organization, you don’t need to remove the employee from every application in your account. You can deny access.

While only an Application Manager can add a user to your account, Quick Base lets you do some preliminary user setup. As a Billing Account Administrator, you can add users to groups—even users who have yet to register in Quick Base (for example, provisional users). Once the user accesses Quick Base, the user will automatically belong to whatever groups you assigned. To learn how to assign an unregistered user to groups, read Provisioning Users.

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