Adding more connected fields

If you are the connection owner, you can add more fields to your connected table at any time. Only the connection owner can add and delete connected fields. Others can add Quickbase fields to a connected table, but can’t connect more fields.

To add fields from the connected data source:
  1. Open the connected table from the Table bar, click Settings, then click next to Fields.

  2. Select Using connected data. A list of fields in the data source that are not currently connected displays. It may take up to 10 minutes for newly-added custom fields to display in the list.

  3. Select the fields on the left that you want to connect and drag them to the right to add them to your connected table. You can use keyboard shortcuts to move fields:

    • Ctrl+click to select multiple fields

    • Shift+click to select a group of fields

    • Shift+arrow to select multiple fields

    • Ctrl+A to select all fields

    • Esc to de-select all

    • Arrow keys to navigate within the lists

  4. Click Done. If you want to see the fields you added, click Exit Settings and then click Refresh Data to refresh your connected table.

You can also add Quickbase fields to your connected table by clicking next to Fields and selecting From scratch. These Quickbase fields are associated with the connected record.

Just like with any Quickbase table, you can create relationships among your connected table and other tables.

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